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Stop Yourself From Going Crazy And Beat Cabin Fever With These 5 Simple Tips

Stop Yourself From Going Crazy And Beat Cabin Fever With These 5 Simple Tips

By Karmen on 21 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Many of us are getting cabin fever this circuit breaker period with so much time spent in our small HDB flats. The symptoms include restlessness, prolonged melancholy, lethargy, irregular sleep patterns and difficulty concentrating.


If you've ticked most of the boxes, the burning question is how do you stop yourself from going stir-crazy? Well, we have five tips for you to de-stress and feel more cheerful again while remaining at home!

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 Connect with the outdoors

Korean woman standing in front of a window with sheer day curtainsPhoto from Pinterest

Noticed how Rapunzel spends a lot of her time looking out the window while stuck in her tower? Take a leaf from her book and open all the windows to get some fresh air while looking out at the view. Although the weather in Singapore might make this slightly uncomfortable, looking outside and feeling a breeze may make you feel less contained and help you relax.

You can also add some houseplants to your room as it'll make you feel more connected with nature. If there are no houseplants in your home and buying one is not viable for now, watch a nature documentary or gardening show.

#2 Create a home relaxation spa


asian woman with a brown towel wrapped around her head and bodyPhoto from Pinterest

Set aside some "me" time to have your own home relaxation spa session to calm your nerves. Find a quiet and cosy corner in your home to pamper yourself with a facial or manicure. Check out some of the many ways you can treat yourself at home.

Put on some soothing music or ASMR videos which some swear by for helping them relax and be lulled to sleep.

#3 Light exercise

asian woman doing yoga poses on a pink yoga matPhoto from Pinterest

When you're feeling stressed or bored with staying in, getting up and moving will help you purge that restlessness and frustration. Exercise can also boost your mood and make you feel more energised. You don't have to do vigorous workouts, just stretches or light exercise will do the trick.

Check out some simple exercises that even lazy people can do, easy workouts for your arms, abs and butt, and stretching yoga exercises for slimmer thighs and calves.

If you really hate exercising, check out our five tips to overcome it!


#4 Decorate your home

pink bedroom with many houseplants and a fur rugPhoto from Pinterest

Having a fresh, new environment can make you feel more content with staying at home. Decorating also spurs you to challenge your creative side and keep your mind engaged. You can also rearrange your furniture to make it feel like a new space.

Check out some of our tips on how to decorate a small bedroom and bathroom as well as some pink bedroom and kitchen inspiration!

#5 Connect with your loved ones

family playing board game with snacksPhoto from Pinterest

Being with your family 24/7 might make you take their presence for granted. If you have a habit of cooping up in your own room, suggest an activity that will gather all your family members together like a board game, movie or baking session. Check out the revamped minimalist UNO playing cards and some nostalgic Singaporean childhood toys!

Connect with your loved ones who are not staying in the same household as you too! Besides messaging and calls, you can host a Netflix Party and Instagram co-watching session to bond with your friends. Check out some tips on how to look better in videos to motivate yourself to give more video calls to your loved ones!

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