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Create A Cosy Corner In Your HDB Flat To Enjoy 'Me' Time

Create A Cosy Corner In Your HDB Flat To Enjoy 'Me' Time

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By Karmen on 10 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Now that we're all cooped up at home, being around your family or housemates 24/7 can lead to tense times, even if you love them! It may also be difficult to differentiate when it's time to work and to rest when you're at home all the time.


Having a cosy corner just for yourself to unwind, enjoy your off-work time and have some alone time will help you recharge and get you through this month! Best of all, it won't take up much space, so it'll work even for small HDB flats in Singapore.

Keep reading to check out eight easy steps to create a cosy corner in your home!

#1 Comfy seating

cosy reading nook with pink, yellow and orange colour scheme, pillows, round floor cushion and artPhoto from Pinterest

Nothing says relaxing like a chair or sofa that you sink into like a cloud when sitting on it. For an extra cosy touch, try a few layers of rugs, large cushions or floor chairs that keeps you close to the ground.

#2 Pillows & blankets

cosy reading nook with white, black and grey colour scheme, pillows, blankets with art gallery displayPhoto from Pinterest


Don't hold back and layer on as many blankets, pillows and even stuffed toys as you like. The more soft and fuzzy things you're surrounded by, the more your little nook will give you a sense of cosiness, comfort and sheer bliss!

#3 Table

cosy reading nook with pink and beige colour scheme. patterned rug, pillows, blankets and a tablePhoto from Pinterest

Have a small and sturdy table for your laptop, books, snacks and drinks!

#4 Footrest or foot cushion

cosy reading nook with white, yellow and grey colour scheme, pillows, blankets and a white canopyPhoto from Pinterest

Don't neglect your feet! Having somewhere to prop up your legs and rest your feet will make you feel like you're in paradise in your own home. If your chair and foot cushion makes you feel like taking a nap, then you know you're doing it right!

#5 A pop of colour


cosy reading nook with orange and grey colour scheme, chair, pillows, blankets and a guitarPhoto from Pinterest

While white and black looks undeniably chic, in can also give off a cold vibe. Adding some colour will inspire joy and comfort instantly! It can be in the form of small items you can easily swap out like a pillow, rug or blanket.

If you prefer a more toned down look, go for wooden elements that add warmth and colour while still giving your cosy corner a minimalist look.

#6 Houseplant

cosy reading nook with blue colour scheme, pillows, houseplant and floor cushionPhoto from Pinterest

You know what they all say, greenery and nature have the power to boost our mood. Place a houseplant within sight near your cosy corner. If you don't have green thumbs, check out some low-maintenance houseplants that will thrive even with a little neglect and inexperience.

#7 Candles

cosy reading nook with grey colour scheme, pillows, blankets and drinksPhoto from Pinterest

The right scent can lull you into a restful state. Light your favourite candle, sit back and relax!

#8 Photos, art and quotes

cosy reading nook with grey colour scheme, pillows, blankets, table, and art displayPhoto from Pinterest

When you take a break from your K-drama or book, your eyes will wander about the space, and how lovely would it be if they rested on a gallery wall filled with beautiful photos, art and inspiring quotes?

Check out some soothing colour palettes for your home and simple tips on how to get a cosy Korean-style bedroom.

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