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7 Dreamy Pink Bedrooms Ideas To Create Your Private Cosy Retreat At Home

7 Dreamy Pink Bedrooms Ideas To Create Your Private Cosy Retreat At Home

By Viroon on 13 Apr 2020
Senior Creative Editor

With tones from subtle blush to full-on fuchsia, pink is a surprisingly versatile colour choice for a bedroom. Whether it’s the full-on focus, a barely-there whisper or an accent, there’s much more to decorating with pink than pink bedroom walls. In need of some inspiration? Here are some small room ideas to make your bedroom feel extra comfy and cosy!


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#Pink Furniture & Accessories

Cute-Pastel-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-That-You-Should-Have-26Photo from Pinterest

Pink RoomPhoto from Pinterest

Pink doesn’t have to be the main event. Just because you want to feature pink in your bedroom, that doesn’t mean you have to make it the most dominant thing. Be selective by picking out just a few of your favourite pink pieces you can put together a pink bedroom scheme that isn’t overbearing; pink throw, accent cushions and pink bedroom chair provide a solid supporting act.

#Pink Bedding

Pink Bed SheetPhoto from Pinterest


Pink BedsheetPhoto from Pinterest

cozy-in-soft-colors-fall-bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

A boho or Californian inspired bedroom can instantly become fall-ready or cosy with an oversized knitted bedsheet/cover.

#Pink Wall Paint Effect / Wallpaper

Zara Marble Metallic Wallpaper Soft Pink Rose GoldPhoto from Pinterest

PinkwallPhoto from Pinterest

Just because your bedroom is small doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Add a bold wallpaper pattern to a focal wall, like the headboard wall.

When selecting wallpaper, choose a large-scale pattern over a small, busy one. Don’t forget to create a cohesive look by coordinating your bedding with your beautiful, new wallpaper!


blush-pink-bedroom-feature-wallPhoto from Pinterest

Make a misty dreamy bedroom wall by rolling out a pink paint effect.

Takeaway Tip: If you want to use very strong colour on your walls, balance it out with neutrals in the furniture, floors, and accessories.

#Pink & White - Never go wrong!

Pink & White bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

blush-pink-white-dream-bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Looking for a crisp and sweet colour combo? Try pink and white!

You will never go wrong with combining these two colours. These two colours get along swimmingly and will produce a bedroom scheme that’s balanced and pretty.


#Pink Colour Schemes 

Shades_of_Pink_Bedroom_Ideas_-_Interior_Marketing_Group_-_Pink_Bedroom_Ideas_-_How_to_Decorate_Rooms_with_Pink_-_LuxDeco.com_Style_GuidePhoto from Pinterest

Shades_of_Pink_Bedroom_Ideas_-_Interior_Marketing_Group_-_Pink_Bedroom_Ideas_-_How_to_Decorate_Rooms_with_Pink_Photo from Pinterest

shades of pink bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

If one shade doesn’t speak to you more so than another, explore the full spectrum and you might be surprised at which turns out to be your perfect match.

Get cosy by mixing different shades of pink for your covers and pillows and nature-inspired materials when you are decorating your bedroom.

#Cosy Elements

Pretty pink bedroomPhoto from Pinterest


Pink cosy bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Choose cosy elements like rugs, furry covers and a lot of pillows because these cosy elements make a bed feel calm and familiar. Top your bed with covers made for snuggling, like a down comforter. For total indulgence, choose ultra-soft eiderdown.

#Make Room For Plants! 

dusty pink tones #bedroompaintcolorsPhoto from Pinterest

Pink bedroom with plantsPhoto from Pinterest

Pink bedroom with plantsPhoto from Pinterest

Green pops when paired with shades of pink. Try to make some space and add houseplants to your room as it helps to clean the air and make your room fresher. To maximise space, try wall planters, as they turn your plants into works of art.

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