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Lazy People Home Activity Checklist That's Big On Fun & Low On Effort

Lazy People Home Activity Checklist That's Big On Fun & Low On Effort

By Karmen on 17 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

There are only so many activities that lazy people can do at home during this circuit breaker period.


While some might recommend activities like cooking, cleaning or even learning a new language, all that is just too much work for us lazy folks. To help enable your lazy nature, we have a checklist of 10 easy and fun activities for you to check off.

Keep reading to check them out!

#1 Watch films and tv shows

asian woman lying in bed and looking at her laptop which is positioned sidewaysPhoto from Pinterest

Duh! This is probably at the top of everyone's to-do list. If you're running out of ideas on what to watch, check out the 35 best Netflix shows, relaxing Japanese films and shows, new K-dramas, classic Taiwanese dramas, Korean films of every genre or just horror!

Besides Netflix, there's also a lot of entertaining content on YouTube like Korean cooking and baking, ASMR, pet and beauty videos.

#2 Play games


asian girl lying in bed and using her mobile phonePhoto from Pinterest

Take a break from simply watching and engage your hands and fingers! This fun and easy activity will keep you entertained for hours. Check out some addictive mobile app games, app games to make you smarter and the best Nintendo Switch games!

#3 Do bed exercises

asian woman exercising in bed with home workoutPhoto from @我是YEAH老师 via 小红书

Forget running, cycling and all those strenuous activities. But to give yourself a little stretch, we have some exercises you can do in bed that will be manageable for even the laziest people!

#4 Shop online

asian girl wearing a hoodie sitting in bed in front of her laptop MacBookPhoto from Pinterest

This is a low effort and high satisfaction activity that requires just scrolling and clicking. Check out some cute contact lens cases, tissue paper holders and pillows that you can hug to sleep to remind you of your boyfriend!


Enable your lazy habits even more with eight things that lazy people need to make life so much more efficient.

#5 Plan your future tattoo

forearm with a large colourful floral tattooPhoto from Pinterest

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and will require careful thinking and consideration. Looking up tattoo designs and inspiration is a fun and easy way to kill time!

There are some things you should know before getting your first tattoo and it won't hurt to find out what are the best and worst parts to tattoo as well as the least to most painful body parts.

#6 Plan future home renovations or decor

pink bedroom with a large houseplant and small steps up to the bedPhoto from Pinterest

The thing is, you don't actually have to do the tedious work of planning and decorating, this is just the ideation stage! Lounge comfortably in your cute pastel pyjamas on cosy floor chairs and get ideas for your future BTO or room redecoration!


Start with deciding on a colour theme, then move on to the designs of each part of the house like the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and balcony.

After that, you can go into the smaller details like appliances, secret rooms and walk-in wardrobes for small bedrooms.

#7 Plan your future wedding

asian couple's simple outdoor wedding photoshootPhoto from @玫瑰星座STUDIO (via Little Red Book)

Whether your big day is coming soon or not, it's always fun to get ideas and inspiration for it! Check out some gorgeous bridal nail art and hairstyles, unique wedding photoshoot themes and cute poses, and non-traditional wedding dresses for unconventional brides.

We also had a chat with a recently wedded bride to find out what were the best and worst things about her wedding. Give it a read for some practical advice and to have a realistic expectation for your own wedding!

For those who aren't getting married anytime soon (or ever), you can plan fun bridesmaids outfits and hen's night activities.

#8 Plan future travels


two bear-shaped ice creams in front of Tokyo Disneyland castlePhoto from Pinterest

If your wanderlust levels are through the roof these days, that's understandable. Relive some of that tension by planning future holidays!

If research is still too much effort for you, we have some easy bite-sized reads like the things you should know before your first trip to Japan and Korea. Check out some ideas for where to visit in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei and Bangkok that you can bookmark for later.

#9 Manage your finances

hand holding up a credit card in front of a laptopPhoto from Pinterest

Some might find saving money and investing dry topics, but it's a fairly low-key activity to do that doesn't require much movement, just mind power! Check out some of the best savings accounts in Singapore and our tips on investing.

#10 Practice your modelling skills

If you're not the best at modelling, now's the time to practice posing for Instagram photos! It's not that difficult and you can always get your family members or housemates to help you take photos around the house. Then you can help them too and practice your photography skills at the same time!

We have some fail-safe poses for awkward ladies and gents, natural and candid poses, sitting down poses, slimming poses and fun keep calm poses that will look great taken at home!

If you ever get in the mood to be productive, check out our checklist of productive things to do while at home this circuit breaker month!

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