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How To Look Good And Pose In A Flattering Way When Sitting Down

How To Look Good And Pose In A Flattering Way When Sitting Down

By Wei Yin on 13 Mar 2020
Digital Editor

Trying to take a flattering photo when sitting down is a hundred times more challenging compared to taking a photo standing up.


Sitting down tends to make one look frumpy and shorter while also emphasising any flaws that you may have. That sucks and we totally relate!

But, there are ways to pose in a flattering way while sitting down which will make you look good. All you have to do is practise and nail these poses.

Check them out below!


Sitting cross-legged on the stairsPhoto from @lxlululu via 小红书

If you are sitting down on the stairs or a curb, loosely cross your legs at your ankles and face the camera straight. Place one arm between your legs and use the other free hand to touch your hair or tug your hair behind your ears.

This pose takes away any awkwardness as it looks like you just naturally fell into that position once you sat down and someone decided to take a photo of you!



Girl sitting down on stairs with hand under her chinPhoto from @lxlululu via 小红书

People love posing at the stairs but don't really know how to make it look stylish rather than weird.

A simple way is to sit down, angle your legs and spread them farther apart for a cool look. Make sure your photographer takes this photo from a side angle while you turn your head slightly towards the camera. Position one arm on your thigh and rest your other elbow on your thigh.


Girl sitting down on stairs with one leg foldedPhoto from @lxlululu via 小红书

Sitting down can make your legs appear shorter and one trick is to stretch out one leg and leave the other slightly folded. This gives the illusion of longer legs as the focus is on the leg closest to the camera.

Place both your arms loosely between your legs to make them look longer too.



Girl sitting down on staircase side waysPhoto from @lxlululu via 小红书

This pose is a great way to hide any of your insecurities while still looking good as your body will be folded away from the camera.

Turn sideways and cross your legs loosely at your ankle with one knee propped up. Position one arm between your legs and the other elbow on your knee that is propped up. Cover your mouth or use that hand to support your chin for a cool girl, chic look.


Girl sitting down on the stairs, touching her sunglassesPhoto from @lxlululu via 小红书

You could also pose in a way where the focus is on your upper body and your face instead of your legs. Prop one leg higher and fiddle with something on your face such as your sunglasses, earrings or try out these candid poses to look less awkward.



Girl sitting on the stairs sideways and touching her hairPhoto from @lxlululu via 小红书

Sit sideways, prop both your knees up and touch your hair or pretend to tie up your hair.


Sitting on a curb with legs and arms angled Photo from @Faceu激萌 via 小红书

Create distraction so that the focus will not be on any awkwardness you may display when sitting down.

To do that, point your legs and arms in different angles but remember to keep one leg nearer to the camera to make your legs look longer and your body more proportionate.


Girl sitting on the floor with hand under her chinPhoto from @Faceu激萌 via 小红书


Lean against the wall and cross your legs at your ankles with one knee propped up. Rest your elbow on that propped up knee and use your hand to support your chin. Leave your other arm resting on your other leg.


Girl sitting on stairs with legs together pointing towards the cameraPhoto from @Faceu激萌 via 小红书

When sitting on the stairs, the aim is to make your legs look longer rather than short so put one leg on a higher stair and the other on a lower stair.


Girl sitting on a high chair and posingPhoto from @Faceu激萌 via 小红书

If you are taking a photo in a bar or a cafe with high chairs, sitting down with both legs on the leg rest is unflattering and will make you look short. To counter that, simply lean slightly against the chair and leave one foot on the ground. Rest your other foot on the leg rest and your elbow on the table behind.

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Text by: GirlStyle SG