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How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Expensive

How To Make Your Small Bedroom Look Expensive

By Wei Yin on 21 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

If you think having a small bedroom in your HDB or BTO flat would mean that it's going to look cramped and unsightly, you are wrong!


While we have some tips for you to follow and make your bedroom look bigger, here are other ways to make your room look expensive as well.

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#1 Choose a nice headboard for your bed

Your bed is one of the biggest furniture in your room so it's only right that you invest a little in a nice headboard for your bed to spruce up the space.

Brown velvet headboardPhoto from Pinterest

Pink velvet headboardPhoto from Pinterest

We recommend choosing a velvet headboard for your bed as it looks really luxurious.


Grey quilted headboardPhoto from Pinterest

A quilted headboard adds a nice touch to your bed area with its expensive-looking design too. It usually comes in velvet or leather materials.

Full length headboardPhoto from Pinterest

If you want to go all out, opt for a full length headboard that reaches the ceiling. It's definitely more expensive but it instantly makes your bedroom look like it's fit for a king and queen!

#2 Curtains instead of blinds

Green curtains in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Nude curtains in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Blinds will give your room a minimalist look so if you want an expensive-looking bedroom, go for curtains instead. Choose light neutral colours rather than dark colours to make your bedroom appear bigger.


#3 Include artwork 

Girl hanging up an artworkPhoto from Pinterest

Artwork in a bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Hang artworks on the walls of your room to add colour. If you don't want to hang them on the walls, you can place them on the floor or a cupboard, leaning against a wall. Choose just one or two artworks to avoid making your room look cluttered.

#4 Mirrors

Vanity table mirrorPhoto from Pinterest

Symmetrical mirrorsPhoto from Pinterest

Mirrors do more than you think! Other than giving the illusion of a bigger room because of the reflection, it will also make your bedroom resemble a hotel suite. Rather than a small vanity table mirror, a full length one will look even better.

#5 Add a carpet 

Carpet in bedroomPhoto from Pinterest

Carpet in bedroom on wooden floorPhoto from Pinterest

Notice how hotel room floors are always carpeted? That's because it lightens footstep sounds and generally looks better since it adds a lavish touch to the room. While it's not really practical to have carpeted floors in your room as it's difficult to clean, having just one carpet in your room will instantly make it look expensive.

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