Melt Your Stress Away Watching These 5 Cute Korean Pet YouTube Channels

Melt Your Stress Away Watching These 5 Cute Korean Pet YouTube Channels

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By Karmen on 27 Feb 2020
Digital Editor

When life gets stressful and you need something to ease your mind and make you feel better, pet videos are what you need!Ā šŸ¶šŸ±

Cute pets andĀ the interaction with theirĀ humans, playfullyĀ referred to asĀ butlers,Ā have the power toĀ melt away allĀ your negative emotions and make you feel all light and happy.Ā šŸ„°

KeepĀ reading to check out five Korean pet YouTube channels you should watch!

#1 Mejoo and Cats

ThisĀ Korean couple vlogs their daily life with four adorable catsĀ and their videos are incredibly relaxing and uplifting!Ā ā¤ļø

#2 Milkyboki

Two brothers are theĀ butlers to a milky white dog aptly named Milky and an affectionate cat named GwangBok. TheĀ cat and dog duo have an adorable brotherly dynamic and you'll love watching them play and squabble like siblings.Ā āœØ

#3 CreamHeroes

Claire is a butler to sevenĀ adorable cats! She filmsĀ herself pullingĀ anticsĀ like dressing up as a dinosaur, making aĀ cat capsule hotel and a cat train. Her cats' reactions are always priceless! šŸ˜‚



If you're a dog lover who has a soft spot for all kinds of dog breeds, you'll love this YouTube channel. This pet groomer makes videos withĀ different dogs as well as her own two poodles, Shu and Tree!Ā šŸ¤©

#5 SuriNoel

This family consists of three cat butlers, a couple and their child, and five cats under their care! They document the cats' cute habits and their reaction to situations like when their butler triesĀ to kiss them.Ā šŸ˜†

If you've fallen in love with a particular pet breed in these videos, it's also important to do your research before buying or adopting that breed.Ā Cream Heroes and SuriNoel both have cat breeds,Ā a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin respectively, thatĀ are specifically bredĀ for certain features that humans like at the expense of the cat's health. Munchkins are prone to having excessive curvature of the spine and hollowed chest while Scottish Folds commonly develop degenerative joint disease and have mobility issues.

Even if you're not in favour of breeding mutant cats, these YouTube channels are raising awareness of such ethical issues.Ā For thoseĀ thinking of adopting a pet, these videos will also give you an expectation of the huge responsibility and hard work itĀ takes to care for a pet.

Instead of buying aĀ cat or dog from a pet store,Ā you could adopt from overcrowded pet shelters instead. You might findĀ pets that may not beĀ 'pretty'Ā enough to be social media stars, but they still deserve love and a home with their own butler! Check out five places in Singapore where you can adopt a cat!

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