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Adopt A Cat And Give It A Loving Home At These 5 Places In Singapore

Adopt A Cat And Give It A Loving Home At These 5 Places In Singapore

By Karmen on 27 Nov 2019
Digital Editor

Adopting a cat is a big responsibility that requires a considerable amount of time, effort and money to make sure your furry companion stays healthy and happy for its entire lifetime. That can mean up to 20+ years of commitment!


Pets bought on impulse or without proper knowledge of pet care are often abandoned when their owners find out that they cannot fully commit to caring for their pets. That's probably why animal shelters are overcrowded and the streets of Singapore are teeming with stray cats.

If you have done your research and are prepared to take care of a cat, consider adopting a rescue cat instead of buying one from a pet store!

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Read on to find out five places where you can adopt a cat!

#1 Cat Welfare Society

This charity doesn't house or shelter cats. Instead, it has a Cat Adoption Board where members of the public can post details of cats that need a forever home.


Cat Welfare Society also works with schools and volunteers to conduct educational outreach programmes to raise awareness and funds for the little kitties.

#2 Mutts 'n' Mittens

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Mutts & Mittens is a commercial boarding facility that houses rescued strays that are up for adoption. Administrative fees from the adoption process will go towards their animal welfare work.

#3 Causes For Animals

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Rescued pets are not only housed in this shelter, they also enter a health and rehabilitation program to socialise and get used to human companionship and work on common behavioural issues. Causes For Animals recommends that all household members meet the potential pet at the shelter before going through with the adoption.

Even if you're not adopting a cat, you can care for them by being a sponsor. Sponsorship helps cover food, including special diets, healthcare such as vet visits, worming, flea and tick treatment, kitty litter and also goes towards any adoption costs, transportation and rehabilitation training if needed.

#4 Animal Lovers League

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Animal Lovers League is one of the largest and longest serving animal welfare groups in Singapore that's also a registered no-kill shelter.

They take extra care to make sure you and your potential pet are a right match. Staff members will interview you and do a home visit to ensure you are equipped and able to take care of your pet. After which, you will undergo the adoption initiation process with a 2 week homestay to see if the pet is able to adjust to the environment of your home and you to the lifestyle of having a new furry friend to care for.

#5 Love Kuching Project

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Love Kuching Project rescues and rehabilitate sick and injured community cats and match the right cat to potential adopters.

The organisation also conducts cat care talks to teach people how to handle cats and kittens in various situations, and explain how to handle illnesses cats may face later in life.

Bear in mind that many cats that are up for adoption are not the shiny, new little kittens you see on social media. They are often old and will require medical care but still have so much love to give!

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