5 Addictive Mobile Games To Download Now Without A Nintendo Switch

5 Addictive Mobile Games To Download Now Without A Nintendo Switch

By Amelia on 14 Apr 2020
Creative Editor

In this time of Circuit Breaker, it's important to keep our spirits high and playing mobile games seems like the perfect solution. Wells, not everyone has the luxury to own a Nintendo Switch, so we have compiled 5 addictive mobile games for you to play without spending any money. Yes, Animal Crossing included.

Read on to find out!

*In no particular order


#1 Pocket Friends

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Photo from Nintendo

For those who have yet to play Animal Crossing on Nintendo, fret not, me neither. Rejoice! There's a mobile version of it, but with some limitations of course. It still gives you the freedom to run around an area, chat with your animal friends, and pick up fruits. However, you can only catch fish or bugs in specific parts of the map and chopping down is totally out unlike the Nintendo Switch version.

Nevertheless, we can make do with this version without spending any money on a Nintendo Switch. Download the app here.

#2 Cooking Madness


Cooking Madness Game Photo from Girl Games

Have you always wanted to cook delicious meals from all over the world? Now you can in Kitchen Frenzy! Become the master chef you have always wanted to be with Cooking Madness. Explore new stunning restaurants that you will discover along your journey. Manage new restaurants, get them back in business and meet new customers! Keep up with the rush hours and unlock new recipes!

Download the app here.

#3 全民Party

全民Party App Photo from Staraltar Technology Co Ltd

Unleash your inner rockstar in you with this Karaoke app that allows you to sing to various Chinese songs even with strangers on the app! A song will be played and you get to snatch the song lyrics. Once you have successfully snatched the song, you will need to sing to get a score. The person with the highest score will win.

Time to brush up your voice during this Circuit Breaker month!

Download the app here.


#4 Episode

Episode Game App Photo from Episode Interactive

Have you always imagine how your life will be like with the different scenarios played on your mind? Now you are able to turn those fantasies into real-life stories with Episode. Get to view various stories from romance to mystery to comedy or suspense.  The best part? You get to be part of the story and make decisions for your character in the app.

Download the app now.

#5 Houseparty 

Houseparty AppPhoto from Life On Air

Missing your friends? How about connecting with your friends via a face to face social networking app while playing addictive games, like Heads-Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac and even Quick Draw?

Download the app here.


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