8 Things Lazy People Would Love To Have In Their Lives

8 Things Lazy People Would Love To Have In Their Lives

ByKarmen on 19 Nov 2019 Digital Editor

Lazy is such a harsh term, we prefer efficiency-driven! In a society that values hard work, lazy people often get a bad rap. But if you think about it, lazy people usually have a knack for finding all sorts of creative ways to get things done with the least amount of effort, aka, being efficient.

We're here to enable your lazy habits with 8 things that will make your life so much more efficient.

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#1 Laptop desk

black 360° adjustable laptop table
Photo from SK I.T. Solutions

pink folding laptop desk
Photo from ikook

When you're in the mood to work on your laptop or go on a Netflix binge on your bed, a laptop desk will come in handy!

Go for the black 360° adjustable laptop table ($22.90) that gives you better posture while you work or the pink folding desk ($3.90) for a budget-friendly option that's easy to stow away when not in use.

#2 Phone holder

ACTTO Korean Design Book Stand Book Holder with 18 Adjustable Angle for maximum reading comfort
Photo from ACTTO

Don't you wish you had this phone holder ($7.70) to hold your phone while you're lying down in bed watching K-dramas and YouTube videos?

#3 LED projector

YG-300 LED Projector
Photo from YG-300

You may be a sensing a trend of products that let you stay in bed all day! 😆

The YG-300 LED Projector ($46.60) lets you watch movies wherever you decide to get into sloth mode. You can even face the projector towards the ceiling and watch movies while lying on your bed. Now that's the life!

#4 Book stand

ACTTO Book Stand
Photo from ACTTO

Holding up a book is just too much effort, anyone else agree? Free your hands with the ACTTO Book Stand ($19.90) that has 18 adjustable angles for maximum reading comfort.


The large clamp fixes on to any table surface securely so you can read while it's fixed onto your desk, bedside table or anywhere you feel like it!

#5 Hairdryer stand

Hands Free Blow Dryer Holder Adjustable Height Hair Dryer Stand With Heavy Non-Tipping Base
Photo from TOMTOP

Spare your arms from the weariness of holding up a hairdryer when you use a hairdryer stand ($18.05)!

#6 Roomba

Xiaomi Roborock robot vacuum cleaner
Photo from Xiaomi

Ain't nobody got time to do chores. Let the Xiaomi Roborock robot vacuum cleaner ($599) pick up the slack instead!

#7 Mop slippers

mop slippers in grey and beige
Photo from WO Bang Pet Store

A more affordable but just as lazy-friendly alternative! Keep your floors clean by simply walking around the house in this pair of mop slippers ($8.52).

#8 Mini fridge

Photo from FARFALLA

Isn't it such a pain when you're feeling peckish but the kitchen or pantry is so far away?

Keep a mini fridge ($145.50) next to your desk, bed, sofa or in your woman/man cave. That way, you have access to snacks and drinks without having to move!

Pst... these would make great gifts for the lazy people in your life this Christmas too! For more enabling of lazy habits, check out our makeup hacks, hair hacks and office fashion hacks for lazy girls who want to look their best with minimal effort!

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