8 Hair Hacks For Lazy Girls To Get Gorgeous Hair With Minimal Effort

8 Hair Hacks For Lazy Girls To Get Gorgeous Hair With Minimal Effort

ByKarmen on 11 Oct 2019 Digital Editor

If you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you're just not in the mood to deal with anything, at the very least, you still can have nice hair!

Read on to find out our 8 easy and fast hair hacks!

#1 Use dry shampoo

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If your scalp has gotten oily and your hair is looking limp and lifeless but you can't be bothered to take a shower, dry shampoo will come to your rescue!

Dry shampoo soaks up the excess oil and grease in your hair to give it a cleaner and fresher look. Simply spray it in your roots and massage it in to avoid any white residue showing. The result you get is voluminous and revitalised hair!

Try the Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo ($12.90) that's highly raved about for its effectiveness and reasonable price point.

#2 Use a sea salt spray for wavy hair

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If you want wavy hair but dread to wake up earlier and spend time styling your hair, simply use a sea salt spray!

All you have to do is spritz some and scrunch your hair repeatedly until you get loose and natural wavy hair like you've been hanging out at the beach. Try the VERB Sea Spray ($12) that contains quinoa protein to condition and smoothen hair.

#3 Flat iron curls

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For more defined waves but without the hassle of sectioning your hair and curling each section one by one, simple tie your hair in two braids and flat iron them. Wait for your hair to cool before undoing the braid and applying hairspray.

#4 Overnight curls

Korean girl with brown wavy hair
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For curls with even less effort, simply tie your hair in two braids or twists and leave it overnight. The next morning, undo the braid and you'll get lovely curly hair without needing to style your hair at all! Spritz on some hairspray to make it last all day.

#5 Use eyeshadow to conceal hair regrowth


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If you've dyed your hair and you can't seem to drag yourself to the hair salon when your roots grow out, apply some eyeshadow that matches the colour of your dyed hair to the roots that are peeking out. While it may not completely match the colour of your dyed hair, it will make the stark colour contrast of your roots look less obvious.

#6 Make your ponytail look fuller with clips

Korean girl with black hair in a ponytail and long side swept bangs
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Instead of spending time and effort teasing your hair for a perky ponytail, simply clip one or two butterfly clips inside your ponytail so it's hidden. The clip will lift your ponytail so it looks like you have thicker hair.


#7 Use a hair dryer stand

hair dryer stand with a red hair dryer
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Holding your arm up for an extended period of time while blow drying your hair can be a tedious task for us lazy girls.

Get a hair dryer stand so you can go hands free and use your phone or read a book while your hair gets blow dried. You can also use both hands while styling your hair with the hair dryer on a stand which makes you get the job done faster!

Try this Hands Free Blow Dryer Holder ($18.05) with adjustable height.

#8 Spray hairspray on your bobby pins

girl with blue hair and bobby pins arranged in a triangle shape
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If your bobby pins tend so slip out, making you re-pin it throughout the day, save yourself the hassle by spraying hairspray on your bobby pins. This will make your bobby pins stay put all day.

Also, take note that the wavy side of the bobby pin should be facing down against your scalp for a better grip. Try arranging your bobby pins in a triangle shape for a cool look while securing your hairstyle at the same time!

We hope these tips can help you get amazing hair with the least amount of time and effort. While you're at it, check out our makeup tips for lazy girls to look flawless with minimal effort!

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