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5 Alternatives To A Traditional White Wedding Dress For The Non-Conventional Bride

5 Alternatives To A Traditional White Wedding Dress For The Non-Conventional Bride

By Karmen on 20 Sep 2019
Digital Editor

If you’re getting married soon, or you’re just taking inspiration for future life events, you're probably trying to find the one a.k.a. the right dress!


If you're not keen on the traditional white wedding dress, there are other alternatives that will still make you feel extra special and beautiful on your wedding day.

Read on to find out 5 unique wedding outfit ideas!

#1 Go pink


Here's to breaking the biggest wedding dress rule of all: not wearing white! If you love pink as much as we do, why not indulge in the colour?


To keep the magic 'bridal vibe', pick a lighter shade of pink and a traditional silhouette like a synched-in waist with a large skirt.


#2 Go black 


If your regular wardrobe consists of mostly black clothing, consider staying true to your style when it comes to your wedding dress too.


To keep your dress feeling romantic and wedding-like, look for one with lace details or layers of tulle.

#3 Go short


There's no fixed rule saying that all brides need to wear floor length dresses. A short dress may be a more practical option if your wedding venue has a higher temperature than air-conditioned hotels, or your big day involves lots of moving around and dancing.


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Go for dresses that have dramatic designs or details that you normally wouldn't wear to keep it looking like it's for a special occasion.

#4 Go dress-less


Actually, there's no rule saying you need to wear a dress at all! If you're looking for a very original look and you're not that interested in a large princess dress, go for a pantsuit instead!


Stick to classic wedding colours of white and champagne or break all the rules and choose one in your favourite colour.

#5 Go casual

asos.comPhoto from

If elaborate gowns, lace, glitter and glamour sound more tiring than exciting to you, or you just don't believe in spending too much on your wedding dress, just shop at a regular high street store! A casual dress that fits you like a glove and makes you feel comfortable and confident will make you look like an extra-beautiful and glowing bride too.


You can find affordable maxi dresses online at Asos and Zalora. Some of our favourites are the Anaya With Love tulle bandeau maxi dress ($125.98), ASOS DESIGN Premium Lace Insert Pleated Maxi Dress ($111.16) and Love Triangle plunge front delicate lace maxi dress ($138.95).

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