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Dee Kosh To Be Jailed 8 Months For Teenage Boys Scandal, Writes Final Apology Note Before Saying Goodbye

Dee Kosh To Be Jailed 8 Months For Teenage Boys Scandal, Writes Final Apology Note Before Saying Goodbye

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By Rachel Yohannan on 05 Aug 2022
Senior Digital Editor

It’s been 2 years since Singaporean ex-DJ and YouTuber Dee Kosh was first accused of sexual harrassment - news that shook the nation not just because of its inherent nature, but also because it involved multiple teenage boys. While initially denying the allegations, he eventually pleaded guilty. Earlier this year, he made a YouTube video explaining his side of the story, where he claimed he wasn’t a paedo and said that the teenage boys had lied to him about their ages.


The case has finally been concluded and as of today, 5 August 2022, 33-year-old Dee, whose real name is Daryl Ian Koshy, will be going to prison for a total of 32 weeks. The social media figure has also taken to Instagram to post a final apology note before saying goodbye to his fans.

Dee Kosh sentenced to jailPhoto from @deekosh via Instagram

Dee Kosh final apologyPhoto from @deekosh via Instagram

In this short and succinct text image post, Dee Kosh once again reiterates that he’s “extremely sorry” for what he’s done - despite news headlines insinuating the opposite.

“It’s been 2 long and hard years and this chapter is finally coming to a close. I lost everything, my career, loved ones, the trust of my family and so much more. I go to face my mistakes broken and I hope I can pick up the pieces in the future.”

He says that there are still matters that he would like to clarify and hopes that he will eventually be able to talk about them. The note ends with him saying goodbye - for now.

Responses to his post have been divided; Half of them were snarky comments rejoicing over his jail sentence, while the other half was supportive and encouraging.

So far, none of his former “Dee Kosh boys” nor ex-colleagues from Night Owl Cinematics have commented on his post. The only public figure who has outwardly shown support for Dee at time of writing is influencer Sophie Willocq, who simply wished him good luck.

Dee Kosh going to prisonPhoto from @deekosh via Instagram

The charges Dee Kosh have pleaded guilty to include:

  • Offering money to a minor in exchange for sexual services
  • The attempted sexual exploitation of a young person
  • Filming an intimate act between him and another adult male
  • Possession of obscene films

We can only hope that Dee is truly remorseful for his wrongdoings and will emerge at the end of his jail term as a better person.

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