20 Things To Do In June 2021 Including 2 Pax Date Activities & Fun Ways To Pass Time At Home

20 Things To Do In June 2021 Including 2 Pax Date Activities & Fun Ways To Pass Time At Home

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By Rachel on 02 Jun 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Being in Phase 2 Heightened Alert (HA) right now, a majority of us are working from home - and spending most of the rest of our time there are well. That’s not to say that there’s nothing to occupy yourself with, because there are still a handful of 20 things to do in June 2021 in Singapore.

Here’s a list of 2 pax activities you can still partake in outside your home, along with a bunch of fun ways to entertain yourself at home. Before you know it, we’ll be back to regular Phase 2 - and eventually, Phase 3 - but only if everyone behaves responsibly!

Read on for things to do in June 2021 in Singapore!

Out-of-home 2 pax activities

#1: Snap retro-style photos at a new Shanghai-themed bar-turned-photo-studio

Full House Man Lou retro photoshootPhoto from Full House (满楼)

It’s a bummer that Shanghai-themed bar Full House (满楼) was subjected to the dine-in restrictions not too long after opening, but they’ve taken this all in their stride and converted their space into a photo studio where patrons can get retro-style portraits and free beer or specialty coffee from just $25.

Full House Man Lou retro photoshootPhoto from Full House (满楼)

Aside from the backdrop of vintage posters, old typewriters, and neon signages of Chinese words, there will be props like oriental fans and tea sets for you to pose with. The perfect setting for couples looking to do pre-wedding photoshoots in traditional kuas!

Read our article on themed photo sessions at Full House here.

#2: Enter a real-life video game world with ArtScience Museum’s Virtual Realms exhibition

Virtual Realms Videogames Transformed ArtScience MuseumPhoto from ArtScience Museum

Blurring the lines between reality and video games, Virtual Realms: Videogames Transformed at ArtScience Museum will transport you to a whole new world of CGI landscapes and special effects as a “real-life” game character. Created in collaboration with renowned game developers from all over the world, this immersive exhibition will engage all your senses with its mesmerising interactive elements.

Virtual Realms Videogames Transformed ArtScience MuseumPhoto from ArtScience Museum

These include a station where visitors can direct elements of a video via controllers, and lounge on seats as they bask in the sight of flower petals “falling” all over them. There’s also a play area with giant soft building blocks where visitors don tracking helmets and build their own dreamscape which comes to life with music and animations.

Virtual Realms Videogames Transformed ArtScience MuseumPhoto from ArtScience Museum

Date: From 12 June 2021
Time: 10am - 7pm daily (last admission at 6pm)
Location: ArtScience Museum
Price: TBC

#3: Solve clues and emerge champion in a themed outdoor puzzle hunt

Ransack Puzzle Hunt SingaporePhoto from Ransack

Give both your legs and minds a good stretch with a Puzzle Hunt organised by local company Ransack, which will have you uncovering clues and solving puzzles as you explore various zones of our island city - much like an outdoor escape room or real-life role-playing game (RPG)!

Ransack Puzzle Hunt SingaporePhoto from Ransack

Depending on the adventure you choose, you’ll either be embarking on a quest to unlock a king’s treasure vault, revealing secrets of Fort Canning Park, or unearthing a grisly murder mystery at Chinatown. No two journeys are alike, as the choices made during your mission will determine how your story goes. You may even win a prize if you manage to complete it successfully!

Ransack Puzzle Hunt SingaporePhoto from Ransack

Date & Time: Check out the booking schedule here.
Location: Fort Canning Park or Chinatown
Price: From $39

#4: Walk through a rainbow-hued installation at Lap Lip 2021: Mahkota

Lap Lip Mahkota SingaporePhoto from @space.objekt via Instagram

Dazzle up those mundane nights with a bit of fresh air and rainbow lights with Lap Lip 2021: Mahkota installation. “Mahkota” is the Malay word for “crown” - presumably a tribute to the former palace that this rainbow-hued outdoor installation is housed in front of. Inspired by the architecture of Kampong Gelam, it also features illustrations inspired by motifs from Malay culture.

Lap Lip Mahkota SingaporePhoto from National Heritage Board

As you walk through the arches and intricate acrylic panels, the LED lights continually shift in colour. Other than standing in the middle for a full-body shot, try leaning close to one of the neon-lit walls for a close-up with different “layers” formed by reflection.

Lap Lip Mahkota SingaporePhoto from National Heritage Board

Date: Until 13 June 2021
Time: 10am - 6pm
Location: Malay Heritage Centre
Price: FREE

#5: Cuddle cute baby cats at the Kitten Sanctuary

Kitten Sanctuary SingaporePhoto from Kitten Sanctuary

The Kitten Sanctuary is Singapore’s first and only neonatal kitten nursery and kindergarten where abandoned feline babies and mamas are taken in, rehabilitated, and socialised in preparation for adoption. Right now, more than ever, they need your help in raising funds to help support their upkeep and feeding of their cats - and you can do so by dropping by for a visit to play with these fluffy felines!

Kitten Sanctuary SingaporePhoto from Kitten Sanctuary

A 1-hour visit will set you back just $20, during which you’ll get to interact with more kittens than you could ever hope for - as well as a couple of resident adult cats known as the Supurrstars. Don’t worry if you have no experience handling kitties, because the friendly and knowledgeable volunteers will guide you on how to play with them, carry them, and feed them treats.

Prior booking and payment is required. Get your tickets here.

Address: 737A North Bridge Road, Singapore 198705
Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday: 11am - 12pm | Saturday & Sunday: 10.30am - 6pm
Telephone: 9126 7379

#6: Stay in an Ocean Suite with private in-room dining and view of marine life

Equarius Hotel Ocean Suite private diningPhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

Can’t dine out? Hack the system with private dining. No, not at a restaurant, but in your own hotel room - with a wondrous view of marine life right next to your table. Equarius Hotel is offering Ocean Suite staycations for two which includes a complimentary 6-course dinner, coffee set breakfast, and even a gift box of pineapple tarts! This luxurious experience will bring those much-craved holiday resort vibes right to you - sans crowds.

Equarius Hotel Ocean Suite private diningPhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

Read our article on Equarius Hotel’s Ocean Suite staycation with private dining here.

#7: Solve a murdery mystery in interactive digital theatre production, The Bride Always Knocks Twice

The Bride Always Knocks Twice SingaporePhoto from @thetheatrepractice via Instagram

The Bride Always Knocks Twice is a digital theatre experience like no other. Not only will you be treated to a stellar performance by the talented local cast, you’ll also get to challenge yourself in solving a murder mystery through actual live interrogations with the suspects involved.

Without giving away any spoilers, we’ll share that the story surrounds 7 Singaporean women from different eras which all mysteriously disappeared in various years. As the story unfolds and secrets are uncovered, it’s on you to suss out who the murderer is in this 4-chapter, virtual experience.

Watch the trailer below:

Date: Until 7 June 2021
Time: 8pm or 10pm. Check out the full list of timings here.
Location: Virtual
Price: From ~$19.30 per device. Book your tickets here.

#8: Paint a masterpiece at affordable new art jamming studio, Art Room

Art Room by Studio Tovey Art Jamming SingaporePhoto from @studiotovey via Instagram

Unleash any frustration from being cooped up at home with a mind-calming art therapy session at Art Room by Studio Tovey - a new art jamming studio with reasonable rates of $35 for 3 hours. Easties can rejoice, for this one’s located at Pasir Ris, which is a fresh change from how most art jamming places are located in town.

Art Room by Studio Tovey Art Jamming SingaporePhoto from @studiotovey via Instagram

All materials from the canvas to paints and brushes will be included. You can also opt for a circular canvas instead of the usual rectangular ones!

Art Room by Studio Tovey Art Jamming SingaporePhoto from @studiotovey via Instagram

Read our article on Art Room by Studio Tovey here.

#9: Play retro arcade games, board games, & video games at Kommune by 82Soho

Kommune 82 Soho game cafe SingaporePhoto from @kommune_82soho via Instagram

Hidden among the food and fashion stores at Orchard Central is Kommune by 82Soho, a game cafe that quietly opened its doors some months ago. From the latest video games, to retro arcade machines, and classic old-school board and card games, they have it all for a wholesome round of fun with your pals! There are even LAN setups with all the essential equipment like wide-screen monitors, and ergonomic mice and chairs - truly a gamer’s paradise.

Kommune 82 Soho game cafe SingaporePhoto from @kommune_82soho via Instagram

Customers will be treated to private gaming pods which can fit up to 6 pax (only 2 pax per room with Phase 2 HA restrictions), complete with cushy futon seats, rugs, and leafy potted plants creating a cosy environment that’ll make you feel right at home.

Kommune 82 Soho game cafe SingaporePhoto from @kommune_82soho via Instagram

Other than familiar titles like Monopoly, Giant Jenga, and Mastermind, their collection of over 60 board games includes newfangled releases and lesser-known ones imported from Korea. Rates are very affordable, at $10 per person for 2 hours from Mondays to Thursdays and $12 from Fridays to Sundays.

Kommune 82 Soho game cafe SingaporePhoto from @kommune_82soho via Instagram


Normally, Kommune also sells snacks and has karaoke facilities, but these will only be made available upon the government’s approval once current restrictions are lifted.

Address: 277 Orchard Road, #03-18 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
Opening hours: 11.30am - 11pm daily
Telephone: 8112 0480

#10: Banish your body aches with a relaxing massage

Phase 2 heightened alert massagePhoto from GM Spa

Working from home can take a toll on us - both physically and mentally. If you’re suffering from stress-induced body aches or simply need some relief from all the cabin fever, book yourself a massage and get those knots sorted out. Yup, massage parlours are still allowed to operate during this period - just make sure you keep your mask on throughout the session!

Our spa massage recommendations:

#11: Pop out for a quick takeaway from your favourite cafes, restaurants, & hawkers

Asanoya Bakery Singapore takeaway deliveryPhoto from Asanoya Bakery Singapore

Perhaps this may just be an excuse to get out of your house, but hey, cravings strike from time to time and we all have to eat. Many cafes and restaurants have adjusted to the newest restrictions by offering deliveries and takeaways, and ordering from them is a great way to help support your go-tos while getting your fill.

Cafe takeaway singaporePhoto from Cafe Monochrome

Don’t forget to pay a visit to your neighbourhood hawker uncles and aunties too - especially since many of them are not tech-savvy and have yet to get onboard the food delivery bandwagon.

Our takeaway recommendations:

Home activities

#12: Live out your tai tai fantasies with afternoon tea delivery from $24.50

Afternoon tea delivery SingaporePhoto from Fullerton Hotels

Afternoon tea sessions with your girlies don’t have to be put to a halt, when so many top hotels in Singapore are offering afternoon tea delivery from reasonable prices of just $24.50. Instead of being unceremoniously placed in a cardboard box, many of these come in aesthetically-pleasing tiered setups that’ll give you an experience that’s close to the real deal. Some of them even come with free tea add-ons, and waived delivery fees!

Read our article on these 9 afternoon tea deliveries here.

#13: DIY a pretty floral wall to liven up your home

DIY floral wallPhoto from @taramilktea via Instagram

Sick of staring at your four walls day in, day out? Spruce them up with some flowers! Though a DIY floral wall has great visual impact, it’s surprisingly easy to put together, which means you can easily switch up the design of the whole setup whenever you want. Go on and give it a try - you’ll be surprised by how something so simple can liven up the plainest of rooms by leaps and bounds.

DIY floral wallPhoto from @delaneybedrosian via Instagram

Read our article on how to DIY a floral wall here.

#14: Binge-watch all the new Korean dramas airing in June

New Korean dramas June 2021 SingaporePhoto from JTBC

Another month means another set of new K-dramas to look forward to, and our to-watch list for June 2021 is looking mighty fab so far. From Season 3 of The Penthouse to live adaptations of popular webtoons and romantic dramas that will tug at your heartstrings, the new Korean series airing this month will have you highly addicted.

Read our article on 6 new Korean dramas here.

#15: Go wild on nights in with affordable alcohol delivery from $4 per can

Alcohol cocktail delivery SingaporePhoto from Pony Cocktails

Bars are closed, but your nightlife doesn’t have to end - just take your boozy nights out back to the comfort of your home with cheap alcohol delivery! Other than enjoying super affordable canned and bottled cocktails sent straight to your doorstep, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of letting your silly drunk shenanigans be seen by the public.

Our alcohol delivery recommendations:

#16: Shoot high-level self-portraits at home using just your smartphone

Smartphone self-portrait hacksPhoto from GirlStyle SG

You don’t need fancy equipment or even a good DSLR to get Instagram-worthy photos; With just a little bit of creativity and resourcefulness, it’s entirely possible to get high-level self-portraits at home using just your smartphone - even if the lighting in your house isn’t the best! Arm yourself with our list of 6 easy smartphone selfie hacks and you’re on your way to a feed full of likes and heart-eye emojis. 

Smartphone self-portrait hacksPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Nope, no filters are required either. In fact these photos we shot here were done using common household items as props! 

Smartphone self-portrait hacksPhoto from GirlStyle SG

Read our article on these smartphone home photography hacks here

#17: Whip up a quick Korean meal under 20 minutes

Easy Korean food recipesPhoto from GirlStyle SG

It might sound like a far-fetched idea to kitchen novices, but believe us when we say that it’s entirely possible to whip up a hearty Korean feast at home within just 20 minutes - and we’re not talking about spicy instant noodles. We’ve put together a list 5 quick, beginner-friendly Korean recipes - including army stew, kimchi pancakes, and sweet and spicy Korean nuggets - all tried and tested by our team.

Read our article on these 5 quick and easy Korean recipes here.

#18: Tone up with beginner-friendly home workouts

Easy home workoutsPhoto from 双鱼小虎牙 via 小红书

Closed gyms are not an excuse to sit on your bum all day! Get moving and keep fit during this stay-home period - the more you do it, the easier it gets, we promise. Here are our beginner-friendly home workout recommendations:

If you need an extra motivation, these might help:

#19: Have a karaoke session in your bedroom using a bluetooth microphone

KAKAO FRIENDS bluetooth microphone karaokePhoto from Shopee

As we wait for karaoke joints to resume operations - whenever that may be - we can still quell our KTV withdrawal symptoms by singing our hearts out at home. You don’t even need to invest in a full home karaoke system to do so - simply get a bluetooth microphone, link it up to your preferred device, and put on a karaoke version of your favourite tunes from YouTube!

BT21 bluetooth microphone SingaporePhoto from Shopee

Bluetooth microphones can easily be bought online via platforms like Shopee, and we found 5 that you can cop for your karaoke parties at home from just $9.80. Includes cute KAKAO FRIENDS and BT21 designs too!

Read our article to find out where to get these bluetooth microphones here.

#20: Go on an ezbuy shopping spree with discounts of up to 90% off 

ezbuy 65eday Super Sale 2021Photo from ezbuy

We have a love-hate relationship with online shopping - we’re constantly wowed by amazing discounts and a seemingly endless selection of items to purchase, but oh, our poor bank accounts! You won’t regret spending at the ezbuy 65eday Super Sale this June, though, because they’re giving you up to 90% off all sorts of product categories from beauty to tech and home items.

ezbuy 65eday Super Sale 2021Photo from ezbuy

Some flash deals to look forward to include the Laneige Sleeping Mask at 52% off, pretty pastel Mayer air fryers at $48.65 (U.P. $69), and the Apple AirPods Pro at $165 ($379). Snag them before they’re all sold out!

Read our article on the ezbuy 65eday Super Sale here.

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