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5 Bluetooth Microphones In Singapore From $9.80 So You Can Sing Your Heart Out At Home

5 Bluetooth Microphones In Singapore From $9.80 So You Can Sing Your Heart Out At Home

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By Wei Yin on 29 May 2021
Digital Editor

Singing karaoke is a favourite hobby among Singaporeans, but this fun bonding activity has become a thing of the past ever since the pandemic.


There's no need to fret though, as bluetooth microphones are readily available online so you purchase one to sing your heart out safely at home. You can't expect the same sound quality from these as compared to actual karaoke systems, but they are great substitutes while we wait for the situation to improve.

Here are five bluetooth microphones on Shopee Singapore from an affordable price of $9.80.

Check them out below!

#1 Bluetooth wireless microphone in various colours

Wireless bluetooth microphone in metallic coloursPhoto from Shopee

This wireless microphone comes equipped with a speaker so you can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth to play music and sing along. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to eight hours each time and the buttons on the microphone are easy to navigate. You can increase or lower the volume, play or pause music, increase or reduce echo, and even skip to the next song on MP3 mode.

It's available in six colours - rose gold, purple, blue, gold, silver and black.


Get it here at $9.80.

#2 Bluetooth wireless microphone with noise reduction

Wireless microphone with noise reductionPhoto from Shopee

If you are looking for a microphone with a sleek outlook that won't stand out like a sore thumb, this might just be the one! It uses high performance speakers for clear sound and reduces noise with its inner high density sponge and outer dense layer. It even comes with a TF memory card slot so you can compile and sing all the songs you want. The microphone is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices using Bluetooth.

It's available in four colours - black, golden, red and rose gold.

Get it here at $27.99.

#3 Bluetooth speaker with two microphones

Bluetooth speaker with two microphonesPhoto from Shopee


A value-for-money option would be this bluetooth speaker which comes with two microphones so everybody gets a chance to sing. This is a speaker, amplifier and microphone all condensed into one compact machine. You can even rest your phone on top of the speaker such that it becomes a mini TV screen, as if you are really at a KTV.

It's available in three colours - gold, black and rose gold.

Get it here at $44.90.

#4 BT21 BABY Bluetooth Microphone

BT21 BABY Bluetooth MicrophonePhoto from Shopee

This official BT21 microphone is for all the BTS fans out there! Choose your bias' microphone and jam to your favourite BTS songs. The colours are gorgeous and each microphone comes with a cute BT21 character attached to it.

Choose from these seven versions - COOKY, MANG, TATA, CHIMMY, RJ, KOYA and SHOOKY.

Get it here at $50.99.

#5 KAKAO FRIENDS Ryan & Apeach microphones

KAKAO FRIENDS Ryan & Apeach microphonePhoto from KAKAO FRIENDS

These KAKAO FRIENDS microphones are must-gets if you love the characters! They work just like any other wireless microphone but with the addition of Ryan and Apeach's faces attached to it for ultimate cuteness. They also come with a microphone stand shaped like a mirror ball that is also a charging cradle, and a matching case to keep the microphones in.

Get it here at $79.87.

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