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7 Beginner-Friendly Dumbbell Workouts For Ladies To Tone Up With At Home Using 2kg Weights

7 Beginner-Friendly Dumbbell Workouts For Ladies To Tone Up With At Home Using 2kg Weights

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By Rachel Yohannan on 02 Jun 2020
Senior Digital Editor

There’s this common misconception that doing weights will cause you to gain huge, bulky muscles like a man's, but that’s really not the case. Weighted exercises can help you tone up and burn more calories, and they don’t necessarily have to be the hardcore sort.


We’ve put together a list of easy beginner-friendly dumbbell home workouts specially for ladies, with everything from arm exercises to ab training and full-body HIIT. These can easily be done using light 2kg weights, or even water bottles if you don’t have any equipment at home.

Read on to find out more about these easy dumbbell workouts!

#1: Full-body strength training and weight loss - Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh’s holistic full-body workout makes sure none of your muscle groups are left out, be it the glutes, shoulders, or core.

While she doesn’t do the entire workout with you, her video focuses on techniques with extensive tips, and gives an in-depth explanation as to what exactly each exercise does. She even demonstrates negative examples to show you what boo boos not to make.

Slightly heavier weights are used for some of the exercises, but feel free to stick to 2kg dumbbells if you are new to this.


#2: For slimmer arms - MadFit

Most people start out using weights to train their arms, at the very basics. If that’s what you’re here for, then MadFit’s 10-minute arm-toning workout is for you.

Her dumbbell exercises are alternated with a good mix of no-equipment ones that use your own body weight, such as tricep dips. Nothing too unmanageable.

She turns her body in the middle of her sets so you can see how the various exercises should look from different angles.

For more easy arm exercises, check out our article here.

#3: To grow that booty - Chloe Ting


We know that having a perky bum is all the rage these days, and Chloe Ting is here to help make yours thicc. Some of the exercises here use resistance bands, but you can always omit them if you prefer.

One fun feature of this video is a progress bar, showing you the percentage of the workout you’ve finished - almost like completing a computer game quest!

For more butt exercises, check out our article here.

#4: Total back workout - Pamela Reif

Fitness guru Pamela Reif uses water bottles in this workout, showing that you really don’t need fancy equipment to get a good sweat. While many of her videos focus on the abs, butt, and core, this one zooms in on the oft-neglected back muscles. Time to get that sexy back for beach and pool outings!

We love that her videos include an audible timer that ticks down to the last 3 seconds so you don’t have to keep turning to check your phone or tablet. This particular one also shows a split screen at times to give you a good view of various angles.

#5: HIIT with both cardio and toning - Heather Robertson


To get both your cardio and muscle work in, look to this HIIT video by Heather Robertson. It’s a great way to burn a considerable amount of calories in a short amount of time. In these 20 minutes, you’ll be doing 10 exercises including push presses, plank passes, and squat L-raises.

Don’t worry, there will be short rest intervals after every exercise - during which there will be a preview of the next so you can prep yourself for what’s to come.

#6: Quick 7-minute ab workout - Vivi Fitness

This ab workout by Vivi Fitness is a quick, no-nonsense one that’s perfect for busy bees. No excuse for giving it a miss since it’s only 7 minutes long and requires little space.

If you can concentrate better with non-speaking fitness videos, you’ll be glad to know that the only time she talks is to count down from 5 after each exercise. Handy descriptions of each exercise is included in large text. The background music lyric-free for minimal distractions.

Check out our other articles on ab exercises and easy habits to help reveal your abs.

#7: 15-minute full-body workout - Rebecca-Louise

Rebecca-Louise’s peppy, cheerful personality shines through in this 15-minute full-body workout, where she speaks throughout and encourages you to keep going as a friend would. Along the way, she also gives tips on proper form so you can get the most of your session.

Oh, and a huge bonus? Her cute dog makes an appearance!

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