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Simple Exercises To Do At Home To Get A Perkier Butt

Simple Exercises To Do At Home To Get A Perkier Butt

By Amelia on 28 Apr 2020
Creative Editor

Want a peachy emoji looking butt? ? I mean who doesn't? Especially with the peer pressure on social media with many influencers and celebrities donning their bikini wear, it certainly did make us feel insecure for a moment. Tackle your insecurities and start building muscle in your glutes to give your butt a lifted appearance.


With that said, we have compiled a list of simple butt-lifting exercises for you to do at home. Add them to your exercise routine and soon you will be a part of the peach gang in no time.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Glute and Lower Back Exercises 

Donkey Kicks ExercisePhoto from @德芙吖 via 小红书

Arch your back slightly and bend your knees and leg down to the floor. Lift one heel up towards the ceiling while keeping the other knee bent. You have to initiate the movement from your hips/glutes muscles instead of arching your back to lift your leg up. Repeat on the other leg for another 1 minute.

#2 Glute Bridge Exercise 

Bridge Exercise For Toning of ButtPhoto from @德芙吖 via 小红书

Lie on your back, arms down by your sides. Bend your knees and plant your feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your glutes to press your hips up so your body forms a straight line from knees to shoulder. Do not arch your back as you might end up hurting your back. Continue to keep your head on the floor and eyes focused on the ceiling. Hold the position for 1 minute. 

#3 Donkey Kick Exercise 

Plank Back Kicks Exercise Photo from @德芙吖 via 小红书

Using your core, lift up your right leg, knee staying bent, foot staying flat. Use your glute to press your foot directly towards the ceiling and squeeze at the top. Ensure that your hip stay pointed towards the ground. Continue doing this for 1 minute on each leg.

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