10 Easy Poses Even Awkward People Can Pull Off While Dining At Insta-Worthy Cafes

10 Easy Poses Even Awkward People Can Pull Off While Dining At Insta-Worthy Cafes

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ByKarmen on 06 Feb 2021 Digital Editor

These days, getting a picture of yourself in public with your entire face showing can be tricky. You'll often see signs at attractions reminding people that masks still have to be worn even while taking pictures. Really, the only time we can remove our masks for the camera is when our food has arrived at a restaurant or cafe.

If you're awkward by nature and forget how to act like a human the minute the camera is on you, keep reading to check out 10 easy pose ideas for when you're seated at a pretty cafe!

#1 Sit at a side-facing angle and turn to look at the camera

brown butter cafe sakura decor
Photo from fangnitee via Instagram

This pose shows off your outfit at the same time! This is at Brown Butter cafe which has gotten a sakura makeover.

#2 The classic look away and smile

afternoon tea at sweetea caffe at chinatown
Photo from zippyzipeng via Instagram

If looking directly at the camera feels awkward, simply look away and prompt your photographer to make you laugh. This was taken at Sweetea Caffe, a glamorous cafe that looks like a 60s Hong Kong film set.

#3 Pretend to eat/drink

woman holding a tea cup at a glasshouse cafe
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Candid moments are easier to pull off, pretend you're about to drink or eat by lifting your cup or fork.

#4 Actually drink/eat

woman drinking from a straw in a pink cafe
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

You can also actually drink or eat! To prevent that unglam look, take a tiny bite or sip. You can also look away from the camera if it would make you feel less camera shy.

#5 Pour the tea

afternoon tea at The St. Regis Singapore
Photo from x.carynnn via Instagram

Camera shy people look best when they aren't aware of the camera. The next best thing is to ask your photographer to take the photo while you're doing something mid-way like pouring a cup of tea, reaching for the cutlery, etc. This gorgeous restaurant is one of our picks of the 10 best afternoon tea spots in Singapore.

#6 Cross legs + adjust your sunglasses

Wildseed Café at The Alkaff Mansion
Photo from kh__flower via Instagram

Awkward eye contact and not knowing what to do with your arms and legs are one of the top reasons for a stiff pose. You can deal with both by simply crossing your legs and pretending to adjust your shades.


This greenhouse-like structure is at Wildseed Cafe, one of our favourite alfresco restaurants in Singapore.

#7 Rest an arm on a chair while holding something

afternoon tea in white drawers at Antidote singapore
Photo from omgxiaoqian via Instagram

Another way to loosen up and achieve a relaxed pose is to hold something like your phone or a cup and rest one arm on your chair.

#8 Eyes closed to take in the aroma

que pasa rose filled spanish wine and tapas bar in singapore
Photo from vivianjblooming via Instagram

You can avoid looking anywhere, at the camera or otherwise, by simply keeping your eyes closed. To avoid making it weird, pretend to take a sniff of your drink or food. Curious where this photo was taken at? It's Que Pasa, a romantic rose-filled bar near Somerset.

#9 Gaze at your food in anticipation

afternoon tea in singapore hotel
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Just focus on what the food will taste like when you actually get to eat it after taking photos and a natural longing gaze will ensue. You can prop one arm up to rest your chin on to make it feel less awkward.

#10 Pretend to use your phone

afternoon tea in singapore antidote
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Probably the easiest pose of them all, simply pretend (or actually) use your phone while your IG partner/friend snaps away. Look through a funny feed or watch comedy clips to get a natural smile, or a serious glare at your phone works too!

Bonus: Rest your chin on your arm

brown butter cafe sakura decor
Photo from callmejessi_ca via Instagram

This is another natural pose that's easy to pull off. Cross your legs, rest one arm under your chin and the other on the table, then look away from the camera!

More Insta-worthy restaurants, cafes and bars in Singapore for you to flex your modelling skills:

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Text by: GirlStyle SG

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