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New Bar At Beach Road With Insta-Worthy Neon Lights Serves Lok Lok & Alcohol Including Soju

New Bar At Beach Road With Insta-Worthy Neon Lights Serves Lok Lok & Alcohol Including Soju

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By Wei Yin on 07 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

Singaporeans are no stranger to lok lok, the famous Malaysian street food snack, and there's a new bar in town that will satisfy your cravings!


The Lok Lok Bar recently opened at Beach Road and has huge neon light signs that help to make the store stand out even from afar. The bar serves lok lok, seafood pao fan and of course, alcohol, that are all perfect for sharing with your friends or family.

Read on to find out more!

The Lok Lok Bar in SingaporePhoto from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

You don't have to worry about not being able to find the bar as its eye catching neon signs are sure to attract your attention. There's even a cute Lucky Cat neon light sign with the cat pushing a cart containing skewers!

The Lok Lok Bar neon light signPhoto from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

The Lok Lok Bar witty neon light signPhoto from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

The witty neon signs in the bar itself also make great backdrops for your photos.


Lok lok served at The Lok Lok BarPhoto from @llun via Instagram

There is a wide variety of selections for the lok lok and each stick is priced at $1.50. Options range from premium items such as scallops, prawns and meats to vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms. The broccoli is one of their bestsellers and is a must-try!

The Lok Lok Bar seafood pao fanPhoto from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

Seafood pao fan has also been gaining traction in Singapore and The Lok Lok Bar serves their own rendition. The Seafood Supreme Rice ($16) has crispy rice floating in the soup! Go for the Seafood Supreme Noodles ($16) if you don't fancy rice as much.

The Lok Lok Bar sojuPhoto from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

The Lok Lok Bar beer and lok lokPhoto from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

Wash down all the greasiness with some booze including crowd favourites like soju and Sapporo beer. Go for the Yakult soju tower or beer tower if you are sharing with friends.

Prices for alcohol range from $10 to $68 and hard liquor from $168 to $368 per bottle.


$1 lok lok promotion

The Lok Lok Bar lok lok and alcohol Photo from @theloklokbarsg via Instagram

The Lok Lok Bar is also having an upcoming promotion where each lok lok stick will be going at $1! This deal will run the entire month of February 2021.

Head down soon for some lok lok and drinks with your friends!

Address: 302 Beach Rd, Concourse Skyline, Singapore 199600
Opening hours: 11AM - 11PM daily
Social media: Facebook | Instagram

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