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New Atas Korean-Themed Bubble Tea Shop In Singapore Offers Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic & Lactose-Free Bubble Teas

New Atas Korean-Themed Bubble Tea Shop In Singapore Offers Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic & Lactose-Free Bubble Teas

By Karmen on 04 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

Looks like the bubble tea scene is still going strong in Singapore with yet another new store joining the ranks. Jinja is a new Korean-themed bubble tea shop that offers out-of-the-ordinary drinks that you wouldn't expect.


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K-drama fans will be familiar with the Korean term Jinjja (진짜), typically said in a surprised tone to mean "really?". This exclamation is a fitting name for this bubble tea shop as it has unusual beverages like ones inspired by Korean drinks as well as soju bubble tea.

Located in Orchard Plaza, Jinja has a clean, minimalist aesthetic with a matte black signboard and Hangul characters. K-pop plays on loop in the background to emphasise the Korean theme.

Korean-Themed Bubble Tea Shop at orchard plazaPhoto from Jinja

Soju Milkis ($9.80)

The seven playfully named drinks in this alcoholic series come in different fruit-flavoured sojus for a refreshing pick-me-up. Buzz Off has a mix of watermelon soju, coconut and mint while Magic Drop is made of grapefruit soju, lemon citrus and honey.

The orange-red bobas, which remind us of salmon roe or ikura, aren't just there to add to the atas factor. They burst in the mouth for a surprise flavour.


Soju Macchiato bubble tea with orange pearlsPhoto from Jinja

Macchiato Milk Tea Series ($3.80)

Those who prefer the more traditional, non-alcoholic bubble teas will still have options at Jinja: Jasmine Honey Mint, Earl Grey Honey Lemon and Tropical Oolong.

These bubble teas may look ordinary but Jinja has added a mocktail-esque experience that will tease all four senses: sight, smell, touch and taste. Once you open the drink cover, a cool mist from dry ice appears which gives it a fancy mocktail look.

The Classic mocktail bubble teaPhoto from Jinja

Imperfectly Perfect Series ($5.80)

For those who like fruity bubble teas, there are three three drinks for you to try. One In A Melon has melon milk, yoghurt, honey and green apple, Pretty & Nasty has a wild berry mix, raspberry, milk and yoghurt, and Sunny Island has a banana mix, honey, yoghurt and mango.

These alcohol and caffeine-free bubble teas are also suitable for kids and breastfeeding mums.


Imperfectly Perfect caffeine free bubble teaPhoto from Jinja

There are five toppings (+$0.50) to choose from: Lychee Boba, Passionfruit Boba, Strawberry Boba, Crystal Jelly, Black Pearl.  You can opt to switch to a dairy, soy, nuts and vegan-friendly milk option for the Imperfectly Perfect drinks (+$2) as well as the Macchiato Milk Teas (+$1).

Jinja also offers a range of Flavour Tea ($3.80), Hite Beer ($8/bottle) and Soju ($15/bottle).

If you miss travelling to Korea and love bubble tea, you have your weekend plans covered!

Address: 150 Orchard Road , Orchard Plaza #01-49, Singapore 238841
Opening hours: 12 - 10pm daily

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