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This Romantic Spanish Bar In Singapore Has A Ceiling Of Roses & Rose-Themed Cocktails

This Romantic Spanish Bar In Singapore Has A Ceiling Of Roses & Rose-Themed Cocktails

By Karmen on 22 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and you know what that means! Time to scour the Internet for the best gifts and more importantly, the right place to celebrate the day.


Here's a suggestion: Que Pasa. This wine and tapas bar will make you feel like you're on a romantic getaway somewhere in Spain. They also have a gorgeous rose-shaped drink served on a plate of rose petals.

Keep reading to check out our review of Que Pasa's drinks & tapas

First opened way back in 1995 and located in a charming 1910 Peranankan shophouse, the first floor of Que Pasa resembles a Spanish provision shop with tins of anchovies, olives, marinated vegetables and 2000 wine bottles.

Covering the ceiling are hanging red roses. Coupled with the dim lighting and old-school interiors, the bar has a wonderfully dreamy ambience.

que pasa bar singapore rose ceilingPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

girl wearing red dress in que pasa bar in singapore with ceiling of rosesPhoto from @vivianjblooming via Instagram

Dark woods, green wall panelling and arched doorways give the bar a quaint look and warm & cosy vibes - perfect for a romantic time with bae or quality time with friends over wine and tapas.


One wall is covered in large mirrors reflecting the roses for selfie opportunities.

que pasa bar seats in singaporePhoto from @eylviacyii_ via Instagram

mirror reflecting ceiling of roses at que pasa singaporePhoto from @eylviacyii_ via Instagram

The first floor is Instagrammable at every angle whether you're standing by the stairs, in the middle of the bar or seated at a corner. Just angle the camera lens up to capture the ceiling of roses!

girl standing on stairs with ceiling of roses at que pasa bar in singaporePhoto from @xtsens via Instagram

que pasa bar in singapore with ceiling of roses Photo from @camen_ling via Instagram

On the second level is the Hendricks Bar which also has swoon-worthy Spanish vibes.

que pasa bar singapore second floor hendricks Photo from GirlStyle Singapore


que pasa bar singapore second floor hendrinksPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Que Pasa offers a variety of 60 wines from all over the world including sherry, brandy, port and Havana Cigars, as well as their signature fruit based wine punch, white and red Sangria.

One of their signature drinks is the Rose Avalanche ($28), an IG-worthy gin and tonic served on a plate of real rose petals.

GirlStyle SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The gin and tonic is poured over the "rose", melting it and giving the drinks a delicate flavour. We preferred the rose flavour (red) for its sweetness but the osmanthus (white) will appeal to those who like that bittersweet taste.

GirlStyle SingaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The bar also has a pretty extensive tapas menu. To be honest, we were expecting the food to be like typical bar fare - just so-so, but their signature QP Pizza ($22) proved us wrong right away.

The thin crust was crispy but not hard, topped with fresh rocket and thin slices of moist parma ham that had just the right amount of saltiness.


que pasa bar singapore pizza rose cocktailPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next, we tried the Pan Con Anchoas ($12). The subtle anchovy flavour gave the ciabatta toast a slightly salty flavour but thankfully without any fishiness.

que pasa anchovy toastPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

For something meaty, you can't go wrong with the Fresh Chorizo Sausage with tomato coulis ($14). The sausage was succulent and a teensy bit spicy which complimented the tangy tomato sauce.

A traditional Spanish dish that was new to us was the Huevos Estrellados Con Jamon ($25), a dish made of eggs and Iberico Ham Bellota Paleta on a bed of fries. The way to enjoy this dish is to mash up the egg and ham into little pieces to go with the fries. We imagine this simple yet satisfying dish would be the perfect comfort food after a stressful day at work.

spanish tapas at que pasa bar singaporePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Final verdict: this is one of those places where you'll come for the IG pics and stay for the food. Although we went with high expectations for Que Pasa's rose-themed ambience and rose cocktails, we left reminiscing about the food quality that's actually worth coming for a proper lunch or dinner.

Que Pasa
Address: 7 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229291 (near Somerset MRT Station)
Opening hours: Mon to Fri & Sun: 3pm to 2am; Fri & Sat: 3pm to 3am
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