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New Romantic Tropical-Themed Bar & Restaurant In Singapore With A Hidden Entrance

New Romantic Tropical-Themed Bar & Restaurant In Singapore With A Hidden Entrance

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By Karmen on 15 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

Time to jio your bae and girlfriends for a night out, there's a new stylish bar in Singapore worth checking out - Set of Six.


Named after the novel A Set of Six by Joseph Conrad, this new bar & restaurant reflects the author's sailing career around the world, including to Singapore. It has a gorgeous tropical-themed interior which, along with the drinking and dining experience, tells a story.

In the 18th century, Conrad would sail between Java and Singapore, shipping goods as well as smuggling guns and gun powder. Disguised as an apothecary with a vintage cabinet and traditional spice jars, the hidden entrance of Set of Six is a nod to the secrecy code and double life of smugglers. Behind the velvet curtain is the cocktail lounge!

set of six bar entrance vintage apothecary cabinet singaporePhoto from Set of Six

set of six bar secret entrancePhoto from via Instagram

First of all, the interior design is simply gorgeous, giving us major The Great Gatsby vibes. Designed by Hot Design Folks, the cocktail lounge brings Conrad's experiences to life from ship-themed decor to tropical touches.

Velvet chairs, pink feathered trees, touches of gold and a giant disco ball all paint the perfect scene of a glamorous night out.

set of six bar singapore with pink palm trees and blue velvet chairsPhoto from Set of Six


set of six bar dining area with monkey wall decalPhoto from via Instagram

There's also a swanky private room hidden behind another concealed door.

set of six bar seats singaporePhoto from Set of Six

If you need to use the bathroom, there's an Insta-worthy backdrop waiting for you there. At the bathroom entrance is a peacock chair with pink neon lights in the background where you can pose like you're on the cover of a 70s magazine.

wicker peacock chair with neon lights at set of six bar singaporePhoto from @melissamarican via Instagram

The tropical theme continues in the bathroom where you'll be greeted by monkey light fixtures, jungle wallpaper with more monkeys and, curiously, wildlife sounds playing in the background.

set of six bar bathroom monkeysPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

set of six bar bathroom monkeysPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


The menu is inspired by Conrad's travels in six territories: Italy, France, Great Britain, South America, Spain and the Seven Seas, with two dishes for each of them.

Some highlights for us were the Italian Lobster and Fennel Ravioli ($29) with bottarga, uni and caviar which had a sublime, creamy sauce with buttery lobster, and the spicy South American Sea-bass Ceviche ($28) which had soft, tender fish complimented with a delicious and unusual mix of sweet potato and popcorn with tiger's milk.

fish and popcorn at set of six barPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

meatloaf and bread at set of sixPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There are also 12 cocktails ($25 each) in six regions: Atlantic Ocean, French Guyana, Chile, France, England and Italy.

Our favourites were The Mutiny, a rum-forward sour cocktail balanced by apricot, pineapple and subtle hints of star anise and fennel, and The Cavalier, a refreshing drink with calvados, citrus and Burma tonic.

cocktails at set of sixPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

set of six bar counter seats with alcohol bottlesPhoto from Set of Six

The bar also serves a wide variety of rum, tequila, mezcal, sherry, nihonshu, gin and vodka.

Set of Six
Address: 20 Craig Road #01-01, Singapore 089692 (8-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station)
Opening hours: Tues to Sun: 4 - 10.30pm. Closed on Mondays.
Facebook | Instagram | MenuReservations

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