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Korea's Watermelon & Honey Soju In Singapore: Sweeter & Perfect For Soju Newbies

Korea's Watermelon & Honey Soju In Singapore: Sweeter & Perfect For Soju Newbies

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By Wei Yin on 19 Jan 2021
Digital Editor

Remember the honey soju that was trending a while back? Now, there's another variation for Korea's beloved alcohol and it's watermelon soju!


Both flavours are available on Shopee Singapore so you no longer have to look on in envy as you will get to enjoy these on our sunny island too.

Read on to find out more!

Watermelon soju

Two bottles of watermelon sojuPhoto from GirlStyle Taiwan

The season 2 watermelon soju contains 7.7% alcohol content and will be much more manageable compared to other sojus with an average of 20% alcohol content.

It will be good to start off with the watermelon soju if you are a novice as it has a refreshing and sweet taste that will go well with all kinds of drinking snacks such as fried chicken, nuts and dried squid.

Watermelon soju with a pink tingePhoto from @timothy.s_26 via Instagram


If the thought of downing shots of soju puts you off, perhaps the watermelon soju's pretty pink tinge will change your mind. It's the perfect drink to share with your group of girlfriends!

You can get the watermelon soju here at a price of $39.90 (3 bottles), $43 (5 bottles) or $169.90 (20 bottles).

Honey soju

Honey soju posterPhoto from @CU_official via Instagram

The honey soju has been out for quite a while now but now's the time to try it if you haven't had the chance to do so. It contains 9.2% alcohol content, just a bit more compared to the watermelon soju.

The honey soju also has a sweet taste but can be a little cloying for some. However, if you can't take the robust flavour of original soju, you will probably like the honey soju more.

You can get both the watermelon and honey soju here at a price of $85 (10 bottles, 5 of each flavour).

PSA: Please drink responsibly!