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New Honey Soju Now Available In South Korea

New Honey Soju Now Available In South Korea

By Wei Yin on 24 Oct 2019
Digital Editor

Soju fans, look here! CU, a South Korean convenience store chain has recently released a honey version of the famed liquor - soju.


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Honey soju posterPhoto from CU_official via Instagram

Other than K-pop, K-beauty and K-dramas, alcohol and the drinking culture are both huge in South Korea too. Soju is especially popular among Koreans and foreigners likewise for its crisp yet strong taste.

But if you are one of those who cannot really take plain soju, you will be glad to know that you can now purchase honey-flavoured soju in South Korea! Flavoured soju is not a new thing but this honey-flavoured one is sweet and will be a more popular choice among those who prefer something less robust.

Soju tastes great when paired with Korean barbecue, which is how the Koreans enjoy their soju. This is because the soju washes down the oil and strong taste of meat, leaving you with a clean palate.

Usual soju have an alcohol percentage of 20-24% but this honey-flavoured one only has 9.2% of alcohol content in it. This is perfect for girls who cannot really take their alcohol but still want to enjoy a cup or two with their girlfriends or significant other!

If you like your soju even sweeter, you can apparently add more honey and some ice cubes into the honey soju to make it taste even better.

Each bottle of honey soju is retailing at 1,700 won (~2 SGD), how cheap! If you are travelling to South Korea soon, get your bottle of honey soju from the CU convenience stores.

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