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8 Easy Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Neat, Minimalist Makeover

8 Easy Ways To Give Your Bedroom A Neat, Minimalist Makeover

By Wei Yin on 23 Oct 2020
Digital Editor

2020 is almost coming to an end and what better way to start the new year on a fresh note than to redecorate your bedroom?


Here are eight easy ways to give your bedroom a minimalist makeover so it looks neat, making you feel good in return.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Keep your bedside clean and tidy

Minimalist bedroom with neat bedsidePhoto from Burst via Pexels

It's normal to want to put as many things on your bedside table or around your bedside area as they are the closest to your bed, which means you won't have to stand up to grab what you need. But that would also mean a messy bedside area that isn't going to help you achieve the minimalist look you are going for.

We recommend keeping your bedside clean and tidy by only having minimal essentials there such as a night light, book and hand cream. You can also add some decorations such as a dish to place your accessories on or a small pot of plant. If you think you can do away with a bedside table, go ahead!

#2 Use frames as accent decorations


Frames as bedroom decorationPhoto from Vlada Karpovich via Pexels

Instead of colourful artwork, opt for simple black and white ones or paintings with neutral colours as decorations. Put them in white or wooden frames that will fit right into any minimalist bedroom.

Frames also don't always have to belong on the wall. Lean them against the wall on a table or on the ground near your bedside to act as subtle accent decor. It gives off a laidback vibe and you can always move them around whenever you want to!

#3 Stick to white but add accent colours

Minimalist bedroomPhoto from Vlada Karpovich via Pexels

Most minimalist bedrooms use a lot of white such as white walls, bedsheets and furniture. That's because white is capable of making your bedroom look more spacious and is an easy shade to mix and match with.

Keep most of your bedroom white but add in accent colours such as neutrals like beige, ivory, taupe and grey. Stick to a colour palette for consistency and to avoid a messy look.

#4 Incorporate wood


Wooden bed frame for minimalist bedroomPhoto from Daria Shevtsova via Pexels

One of the simplest ways to incorporate wood into your bedroom is by choosing furniture made of wood. Some examples are a bed frame, tables and decorations. Light-coloured wood adds a pop of colour to your bedroom if you plan on keeping it simple. Plus, it goes really well with most minimalist bedroom designs.

#5 Choose neutral coloured bedsheets 

Minimalist bedroom with beige bed sheetsPhoto from Nine Koepfer via Unsplash

As your bed is the biggest item in your entire bedroom, it can easily make or break the vibe you are going for. Stick to neutral colours such as white, beige or grey for your bedsheets to stay in line with the minimalist theme. You can try light colours such as pastels as well!

#6 Let natural light in 

Natural light streaming into minimalist bedroomPhoto from Gabby K via Pexels

Lighting is extremely important especially for minimalist bedrooms. A room illuminated by natural light is an easy and beautiful way to make it look bright, open and modern all at the same time.


Do away with blinds and curtains that are opaque as they don't allow light to pass through. Instead, go for sheer curtains that let natural light filter in without being too harsh.

#7 Add greenery by using plants

Greenery in minimalist bedroomPhoto from Daria Shevtsova via Pexels

Another effortless way of decorating your bedroom while still retaining its minimalist look is by adding greenery in the form of plants! Add colour to your bedroom by incorporating low-maintenance plants such as the money plant, snake plant and Zanzibar Gem

#8 Add textures and layers

Minimalist bedroom with pillows and blanketsPhoto from Adrienne Andersen via Pexels

Add textures and layers to your bedroom to spruce it up in a minimalist way. We recommend neutral-coloured rugs, throw blankets and cushions. Furry cushions paired with cotton bed sheets look so effortlessly good together and this is just one of the many ways to add textures and layers!

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