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5 Elegant Walk-In Wardrobe Styles To Take Inspiration From For Small HDB Bedrooms

5 Elegant Walk-In Wardrobe Styles To Take Inspiration From For Small HDB Bedrooms

By Wei Yin on 12 Jun 2020
Digital Editor

Having a walk-in wardrobe in our own room is every girl's dream but our small HDB or BTO flats often don't have the space for us to fulfil our dreams.


However, there are ways to squeeze a walk-in closet in small bedrooms and once you have decided on one, it's time to consider the style you want to go for.

We have compiled a few elegant walk-in wardrobes for you to take inspiration from so if classy and neat is your kind of thing, check them out below!

#1 Opaque partition

Frosted partition walk-in wardrobePhoto from Dede Studio

Inside frosted partition walk-in wardrobePhoto from Dede Studio

Walk-in wardrobe organisationPhoto from Dede Studio

Section off a small portion of your room (in a square shape) with opaque partitions to make it your own mini walk-in wardrobe. The opaque partitions hide clutter away from the rest of your bedroom and gives the illusion that it's a separate room from your bedroom, making it look like a real walk-in closet.


It doesn't have to be too big as long as there is enough space for you to move around. Make sure to customise lots of shelving for you to hang your clothes and keep your wardrobe neat.

#2 Glass partition

Glass partition walk-in wardrobePhoto from @今年旺不旺 via 小红书

Close up of glass partition walk-in wardrobePhoto from @今年旺不旺 via 小红书

Using glass partitions to create a walk-in wardrobe is a similar concept to the opaque partitions, except that it has its own benefits too. It gives the illusion of a bigger room because there is nothing blocking the eye from looking at the entire room. However, you will have to keep your wardrobe neat as everything can be seen with just one glance!

#3 Wall partition

Wall partition walk-in wardrobePhoto from Pinterest

Create consistency in your bedroom by using a wall partition instead. It acts as a partition to separate your room from your wardrobe and is one of the easiest ways to achieve a walk-in closet you have always dreamt of. We recommend keeping the wall white so that your room looks airy and bright, or use the same colour as the rest of the wall to avoid a jarring difference.


#4 Clear sliding door

Sliding door walk-in wardrobePhoto from Pinterest

Similar to glass partitions, a clear sliding door will make your bedroom look bigger and is great for those who prefer minimalistic designs. If you prefer having your bags, accessories and clothes on display as decorations, a clear sliding door is perhaps the right one for you.

#5 Hidden wardrobe

Hidden walk-in closetPhoto from Pinterest

The walk-in wardrobes featured above are all considered open concept ones but how about a hidden walk-in closet? Section a portion of your room for your wardrobe and use doors that are not see-through. This makes it look and feel like you have another room in your bedroom, except that it's actually your wardrobe! It's also a great way to replicate a real walk-in closet without having to use a spare room.

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