9 Affordable Items You Can Purchase Online In Singapore To Achieve An Aesthetic Bedroom

9 Affordable Items You Can Purchase Online In Singapore To Achieve An Aesthetic Bedroom

ByWei Yin on 09 Jul 2020 Digital Editor

Your bedroom is your safe haven which is why you should decorate it to make it a comfortable and inviting space to unwind in after a long day.

We found nine affordable things you can purchase easily on Shopee Singapore to help you achieve an aesthetic bedroom.

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Check them out below!

#1 Nordic-style vanity table mirror

Nordic-style rectangle mirror
Photo from Shopee

Nordic-style round mirror
Photo from Shopee

Every vanity table needs a mirror but rather than those large mirrors with LED lights attached to them, go for a minimalistic Nordic-style mirror ($15) like this.

The gold accent adds a touch of glam to your room effortlessly and the mirror can be adjusted to whichever angle you prefer. Choose from the rectangle or round mirror according to your preference.

#2 Moon night light

Moon lamp with warm light
Photo from Shopee

Moon lamp with cool white light
Photo from Shopee

While most ladies go for fairy lights, we recommend getting this moon night light ($9.90 - $32.90) instead! It's as ethereal-looking as fairy lights but much easier to clean and set up. Plus, what's not to love about having your own mini moon in the comfort of your room?

The moon night light can project two, three or 16 different light colours and come in five different sizes. Set it to the warm lighting option for a cosy night in or one of the 16 colours when you have friends over for some fun!

#3 Multifunctional jewellery organiser 

Black and white jewellery organiser
Photo from Shopee

White jewellery organiser opened up
Photo from Shopee

Having all your accessories laying around is not going help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing bedroom and will be difficult for you to find that piece of jewellery you need. An easy way to keep your bedroom and all your accessories neat is by getting a jewellery organiser. It's even better if the organiser has a pretty design that will help to spruce up your vanity table.

This multifunctional jewellery organiser ($24.50) has double layer storage and different compartments for your bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. Choose from the sleek black or minimalist white colour.

#4 Fluffy heart-shaped rug

Pink heart-shaped rug
Photo from Shopee

This heart-shaped rug ($4.32) is too cute not to get! You won't be able to resist touching this fluffy rug over and over again but take note that it's quite small and is more ideal as a carpet near a chair or draped over an armchair.


#5 Artificial flowers

DIY floral wall
Photo from @jujujucloe via Instagram

Rather than real flowers that will wither and die after a while, why not decorate your room with artificial flowers instead? DIY floral walls are a new Instagram bedroom decoration trend you can take inspiration from. All you have to do is stick faux flowers to your wall with tape in any way you want and you will be able to achieve an insta-worthy backdrop for all your photos.

Artificial flowers
Photo from Shopee

Artificial hydrangeas
Photo from Shopee

Get the artificial vanilla spike ($1.62 - $1.80) here and the artificial hydrangeas ($3.33) here.

#6 Rose gold organisers

Rose gold organisers
Photo from Shopee

Keep your knick-knacks neat with these elegant rose gold organisers ($4.60 - $6.30) you can use to store makeup brushes, stationery and skincare products. Choose from four different shapes and sizes.

#7 Nordic-style side table

Nordic-style side table
Photo from Shopee

Round bedside table
Photo from Shopee

Need a new bedside table? These Nordic-style bedside tables ($62.40 - $94.71) come in a luxe white and gold colour combination and are shaped uniquely unlike other bedside tables out on the market. Get the round one if you need more space to place your decorations.

#8 Wooden hanging rack

Wooden hanging rack
Photo from Shopee

Hang these wooden racks ($11.28 - $12.64) on your bedroom wall so you can place decorations such as plants and photo frames on them. If you are going for the minimalist style for your bedroom, these wooden racks are going to fit right in.

#9 Fairy lights with clips

Fairy lights with clips
Photo from Shopee

For the ladies who still prefer using fairy lights, get these fairy lights with clips ($2.32 - $4.19) attached to them to create your own photo wall! Getting these saves yourself the hassle of having to purchase extra clips and clipping them on one by one.

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