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The Right Habits & Exercise For Ladies With Calves Larger Than The Rest Of The Body

The Right Habits & Exercise For Ladies With Calves Larger Than The Rest Of The Body

By Karmen on 15 May 2020
Digital Editor

Ladies come in all sorts of beautiful body shapes and sizes, one of them being a body type that tends to get more muscular and bulky at the calves compared to the rest of the body.


If you're going 'that's me!' right now, we have some habits you can adopt and exercises you can do to slim down your calves for a more proportionate look!

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#1 Stop doing exercises that bulk up your calves

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The bulk in your calves may be fats, muscles or both. Exercise will burn fats in your calves but it could also make them larger and more muscular, especially if your body is more disposed to building muscles at the calves.

Avoid any exercises that  bulk up your calves. This includes skipping, any jumping workouts and running uphill or on the treadmill at an incline.


#2 Do low-intensity workouts

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Low-intensity cardio will burn fats rather than build muscles. Try long-distance jogging on a flat surface at a slow to moderate speed or some stretching exercises and calf massages you can do from home.

#3 Mind the way you walk and run

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Walking and running with the weight on your toes will build up more muscles in your calves. Try to keep your heels touching the ground first before your toes.

#4 Avoid wearing heels

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Wearing heels shifts your weight towards the front of your foot which creates the same effect as walking on your toes!

Try to wear flat, comfortable shoes as much as possible. If you can't live without your heels, go for lower ones and wear them for shorter periods of time.

#5 Reduce fat overall

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It's difficult to target weight loss on your calves, so focus on losing fats overall instead! Diet is a key accompaniment to low-intensity exercise to shed fat. Check out our diet tips, easy-to-prepare healthy food and healthy snacks you can buy online under $10.

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