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Simple Yet Effective Diet Tips To Lose Weight And Improve Overall Health

Simple Yet Effective Diet Tips To Lose Weight And Improve Overall Health

By Wei Yin on 28 Apr 2020
Digital Editor

Deciding to lose weight or start working out so that you achieve a healthier and slimmer body is already a very good first step because not everyone has the motivation to even start.


However, we get that going on a diet or forcing yourself to work out isn't going to be an easy feat so it's always good to refer to some tips to help make the process less intimidating and tiring.

Plus, these simple tips and habits to adopt will ensure that your diet is a successful one so that all your efforts won't go to waste.

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#1 Drink a cup of water before every meal

Girl eating outdoorsPhoto from Pinterest

We all know the benefits of drinking water so it's no surprise that it will actually help with losing weight too! Water is a natural appetite suppressant because drinking a cup of it before any meal will make you feel fuller so that you don't overeat.

Drinking a cup of water 30 minutes before a meal also helps with digestion and better bowel movements means a lighter and healthier body.


#2 Eat all your meals using the same plate or bowl

Yogurt and granola bowl to help with losing weightPhoto from Pinterest

If you usually use a big plate or bowl to eat, start making a change in your diet by changing to smaller plates and bowls so that you can't pile too much food in it. Also, use the same plate or bowl for all your meals so that you don't overeat. This is a nifty trick that makes you think you had a full meal when in fact, you had less food than you usually do.

#3 Cut off your sugar intake

Water filled with cucumbers and fruitsPhoto from Pinterest

This might sound easier said than done but cutting off artificial sweeteners is one of the most effective ways to lose weight! Go for fruits whenever you are craving for sugar.

Another way to make your plain water taste better is by adding cucumbers, lemon slices and fruit slices in it so that it tastes slightly sweeter the natural way.

#4 Follow easy meal preps


Easy-to-make diet mealsPhoto from @减肥的小卜萝 via 小红书

Being lazy won't get you anywhere in your losing weight journey so it's best to research on easy-to-make meals that won't require much effort, but are still nutritious enough and healthy. We have some simple diet meal recipes you can refer to and follow.

#5 Eat without any distractions

Girl eating food at the dining tablePhoto from Pinterest

Everybody loves to sit in front of the television or laptop while eating so that we can watch shows. However, it's a bad distraction that might make you end up eating more than you really need! Eating while being distracted can cause you to consume more calories, ending up with weight gain instead of weight loss. The same applies to you using your phone while eating too.

We recommend sitting down at the dining table without any external distractions while you finish meal so that you eat just what you need.

#6 Don't sit or lay down after a meal

Girl in her kitchen cleaning upPhoto from Pinterest


You always hear people saying not to sleep straightaway after a meal as that causes weight gain but that actually affects your digestive system more than your weight. Wash your dishes, clean up your kitchen or walk around your house to try and let your food digest in an upright position.

Burning more calories than what you consume is the way to go when trying to lose weight so it's best to try to burn those calories doing non-strenuous activities after a meal.

#7 You need to exercise 

Girl exercising in her roomPhoto from @mushroom via 小红书

As much as you think having a healthy diet will help you to lose weight, exercising is still an integral part of any slimming journey because it burns more fats and improves your overall health too.

If you are really too lazy or unmotivated, we have some super simple exercises which you can do while laying down on your bed, sitting down binge watching shows or in your own bedroom.

#8 Set realistic goals for yourself

Girl exercising on a treadmill Photo from Pinterest


Rather than obsessing over the numbers on the weighing scale, focus on setting realistic goals such as wanting to fit into that pair of jeans again. Although it's good to have a weight goal, it can become toxic when you don't see yourself achieving that certain number.

We recommend focusing on inch loss rather than weight loss because working out builds muscles and muscles can make numbers increase while you are losing body fat.

#9 Do it together with a friend

Friends taking a selfie togetherPhoto from Pinterest

Positive peer pressure works! If you find it difficult to commit to a diet or routine to help with your weight loss journey, we recommend doing it with a friend. Workout together, prepare healthy meals together and encourage each other. You will feel more motivated to achieve your goals and it's definitely way more fun than doing it alone.

#10 It's important to have a cheat day

Girl eating ice cream on the streetsPhoto from Pinterest

Don't deprive yourself of your favourite foods totally because that will only make you crave it more, resulting in binge eating which will make all your efforts go down the drain. Set a cheat day where you will get to indulge in your favourite snacks but remember - everything in moderation and small quantities!

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