8 Best Personalised Gifts That Will Make Someone Feel Extra Special

8 Best Personalised Gifts That Will Make Someone Feel Extra Special

ByKarmen on 06 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a good gift, but one universally-loved gift is something that's customised just for them!

A personalised gift shows that you've truly put thought into it and made the effort to find something unique that's specially meant for him or her.

Keep reading to check out our top eight picks of personalised gifts!

#1 Customised notebook or planner

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There is more than meets the eye when it comes to ana tomy's award-winning hardcover notebooks and planners (from $40). Each cover is meticulously hand wrapped in premium book cloth with an adjustable pen loop, interchangeable ribbon markers and high-quality refillable paper.

Choose from a variety of colours and prints and you can then customise the type of paper and the colour of the elastic band, ribbon marker and binding wires. You can also inscribe your name with up to ten letters.

#2 Custom illustration

AnnaDariaStrasser customised digital illustration
Photo from AnnaDariaStrasser

The digital illustrations by AnnaDariaStrasser on Etsy (from $61.36) are drawn by hand in a pure and modern style. You can choose the main colour palette so that the drawing fits the recipient's taste and interior style.

If you have some special memories, inside jokes or personal anecdotes, let the illustrator know so she can incorporate it into the drawing!

#3 Personalised birthstone bracelet

LaSenada Personalised birthstone bracelet
Photo from LaSenada

If you have a friend who loves to read about her horoscope, she will probably love to receive this minimalist personalised birthstone bracelet (from $18.13) by LaSenada on Etsy.   

Besides choosing her birthstone, you can also have her name or a short quote engraved on the bracelet. While personalised jewellery can easily go into the juvenile territory, the engraving on the thin metal band is subtle enough so it looks sophisticated.

#4 Personalised brass pen

metalphorically Personalised brass pen
Photo from metalphorically

Local Etsy seller metalphorically makes elegant and solid brass pens ($39.90) that you can customise with a name, date, quote or doodle to make it a unique gift. The fonts and icons are also fully customisable.

metalphorically Personalised brass pen
Photo from metalphorically

The pen has a unique vintage charm and can also act as an emergency tool. The screw cap is equipped with a special tip that can be used for breaking glass windows. You can also use the back of the pen as a stylus to perform basic functions without removing your gloves when you're travelling in the winter months.

#5 Customised fragrance


woman trying fragrances at Oo La Lab
Photo from Oo La Lab

Oo La Lab conducts perfumery mixology workshops where you'll get a hands-on experience on crafting a personalised fragrance as an Eau de Parfum or reed diffuser.

You can also make your own fragrance at home with their Collector’s Fragrance Mixology Kit ($188).

Oo La Lab Collector’s Fragrance Mixology Kit
Photo from Oo La Lab

Each kit includes a guided instruction manual, a blotter booklet and 12 fragrance notes, each note hand-tapped into individually appointed 5ml dropper bottles. Besides these fragrance notes, two limited edition crafting ingredients will also be included in the kit.

#6 Customised cushions

Mushion Customised cushions
Photo from Mushion

Let someone in your life have the gift of a squishy cushion personalised with your (or someone else's) face on it! 😆

Any girl would be delighted, openly or secretly, to receive a cushion with her celebrity crush's face on it. Alternatively, put your own face on the cushion for a creepy yet hilarious gift.

All you need is a high quality photograph to get your very own Mushion (from £17.99, ~S$32.23).

#7 Customised brick figure

Brick Yourself Keyring
Photo from Brick Yourself

Brick Yourself Keyring
Photo from Brick Yourself

Create a personalised mini figure version that resembles your friend or someone else!

Mini Figs customised figures
Photo from Mini Figs

Send a photo and description to get a Brick Yourself Keyring (£24.99, ~S$44.74) or pick and choose hair, body parts and doodles or text to create your own Mini Figs (from $14.99)!

#8 Customised luggage tag

Chasing Threads luggage tag
Photo from Chasing Threads

If you have a friend who loves travelling, this customised Chasing Threads luggage tag ($37.50) is a wonderful gift that ensures that he or she won't have any trouble identifying the right luggage at the conveyer belt.

The real leather pink tag is specially perforated so it's a blank canvas to be cross-stitched with a unique design. It comes with needle and threads for you to stitch on your friend's initials, a country flag or bespoke design to create a personalised label.

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