Secret Santa Gifts Your Friends Would Actually Be Happy To Receive

Secret Santa Gifts Your Friends Would Actually Be Happy To Receive

ByWei Yin on 03 Dec 2019 Digital Editor

Buying gifts for people has never been easy but what makes it trickier is when someone suggests to do Secret Santa for Christmas gifting!

If you know who you have to buy a gift for, good for you because that's a step closer to getting the perfect gift.

We are here to help all those clueless souls with this list of curated gifts your friends would actually be happy to receive.

Read on to find out more!

#1 For the foodie friend

Christmas cookies
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Log cake
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Yes, food is perishable but no one would say no to more food, especially a foodie! Chocolates, cookies and log cakes make great Christmas gifts and you can even add a touch of love by making them yourself (if you are a good baker). Just make sure to wrap them up in beautiful wrapping paper and add ribbons and ornaments to make it look like lots of effort was put into it.

Grabfood gift card
Photo from Grab

If you are concerned about food being perishable and don't wish to gift that to your friend, the next best option would be a gift card! Specifically, a gift card to get a free meal using a food delivery service. We assure you your foodie friend will love this!

The GrabFood digital gift card has four value options - $5, $10, $15 and $20. The best part is that you get to choose a design with a quirky message on it for your friend.

#2 For the sentimental friend

Customised notebook
Photo from Bynd Artisan

For a sentimental friend, nothing shows you care more than a personalised gift. This customisable notebook by Bynd Artisan ($35) allows you to choose the cover, paper, wire and engrave your friend's name on it. A notebook sounds like a boring gift but not so when it's personalised!

Customised iPhone case
Photo from CASETiFY

Another personalised gift that your friend will surely find useful is a phone cover. A custom iPhone case from CASETiFY (from 29 USD, about SGD 40) allows you to choose the case type ranging from clear to glitter and more and personalise your friend's name on it by choosing the font, layout and colour.

#3 For the friend who has everything 

You may have a friend who seems to already have everything they want in life which makes it more difficult for you to get a gift for that person. If that is the case, we recommend getting or making a thoughtful gift that shows you care and think about her.

Maltese wearing Christmas costume
Photo from Pinterest

Does that friend have a pet she loves more than anything? Maybe getting her pet a cute Christmas costume will warm her heart.


Red cosmetics travel bag
Photo from Mark & Scribe

Inside of red cosmetics travel bag
Photo from Mark & Scribe

Does she travel often? If yes, get her a cosmetics travel pouch for her to store all her essentials safely and in style. This one by Mark & Scribe ($59.95) also allows you to engrave your friend's initials on it, making it all the more special.

Photo from Pinterest

If you have more time on hand and truly want to make a gift that would touch your friend's heart, why not try making a scrapbook? Print out all your photos together and write little notes to her, reminding her of all those good times both of you had!

#4 For the beauty junkie friend

Rose quartz facial roller
Photo from ColourPop

Your friend who cares about her skin will thank you for this. A rose quartz facial roller has lots of benefits for the skin and this one from ColourPop (18 USD, about SGD 25) will let your friend pamper her skin daily.

Different perfumes placed together
Photo from Pinterest

It's not easy to choose the right perfume for people but our list of six best fragrances to wear for autumn and winter will help you decide which one to get.

#5 For the friend who likes anything cute

Bubble tea AirPods case
Photo from Ezbuy

Bubble tea ambient light
Photo from Smoko

If your friend loves cute things, these bubble tea AirPods case ($5.10) and bubble tea ambient light (12 USD, about SGD 16) are perfect gifts! Check out other quirky bubble tea items you can get for your bubble tea fanatic friend here.

Dumpling air purifier
Photo from Smoko

Dumpling ambient light
Photo from Smoko

Get these super duper cute dumpling items for your friend who loves xiao long bao! The dumpling air purifier (26 USD, about SGD 36) and dumpling ambient light (29 USD, about SGD 40) will brighten up your friend's day. Check out other adorable dumpling items you can get your friend here.

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