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Singapore DJ & Influencer Jade Rasif Says She Likes Dating Ugly Guys, Here Are The Reasons Why

Singapore DJ & Influencer Jade Rasif Says She Likes Dating Ugly Guys, Here Are The Reasons Why

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By Rachel on 08 Sep 2022
Senior Digital Editor

She’s got the looks, she’s got the brains, and she’s unafraid making her voice heard; Local DJ, model, and influencer Jade Rasif certainly has a lot going on for her. She recently even came up with her own clothing line, thus adding “fashion design” to her already-extensive list of skills. The 28-year-old bombshell has got a whole army of simps lusting after her, and she knows it - this lady could easily score any guy she wanted.

One would naturally assume that an attractive person like her would only give handsome guys the time of day, but that’s surprisingly not the case. Much to our surprise, Jade has unabashedly declared that she likes dating ugly guys, and here’s why.

Jade Rasif likes dating ugly guysPhoto from @djjaderasif via Instagram

Jade Rasif revealed this shocking piece of news in a video titled “Do Looks Matter?” under the Just Saying series by YouTube channel, The Backstage Bunch. Hosted by Dew Francis, this 15-minute video also stars social media personalities Munah Bagharib and Keisha Sarah.

Just a heads-up - this video in question is actually an ad for a secondhand designer goods store. But looking past the product placement at the start and end of the clip, the crew’s discussion and responses seem pretty genuine.

Some points that were brought up include the fact that looks are the first thing you see when a person approaches you, but what’s “good-looking” in your books may not be the case for another person.

Jade Rasif likes dating ugly guysPhoto from @djjaderasif via Instagram

As for Jade? Well, she had no qualms in telling everyone, “I always date men that are kinda ugly.”

“Y’all think about my boyfriends right, they’re always ugly. I always date ugly guys. I don’t know, I like it,” she says with a nonchalant shrug.

This statement was met with loud protests from her co-stars, who turned to the camera and said, “NO LAH, YOU ARE VERY HANDSOME AND TALL LAH” - presumably addressing Jade’s current unidentified partner, pictured below.

Jade Rasif with boyfriendPhoto from @djjaderasif via Instagram

And no, it’s not because it’s an insecurity thing, where she doesn’t want other women to have eyes for her man, or risk having him run off for someone else.

It’s because she wants to be the good-looking one in the relationship.


“I want to shine,” she says with a hair flip and cheeky grin. “I like shining. I don’t really like when people are like, ‘Oh your boyfriend is very good looking’, then I’m like, but what about me, though?”

According to Jade, she doesn’t want “too much good-looking energy” when she goes out with her partner. She carries on to say that handsome guys are very high-maintenance, with skincare, brow-grooming, a ton of clothes and the like. Jade herself has a lot of skincare and clothes, and “doesn’t have space for” a vain man’s whole wardrobe.

“I need MY wardrobe…and my wardrobe is like two rooms.”

Jade Rasif with boyfriendPhoto from @djjaderasif via Instagram

Even general aesthetic isn’t something that she’s fussed about, apparently. She gets candid, saying, “I swear I really don’t look for aesthetic. You see it all the time right, like all the time I’m always with some ugly f****r. I don’t think looks really matter.”

“I go for charm. And all my boyfriends are super duper charming.”

She goes on and attributes this to being an “Aquarius thing”, saying that perhaps she likes handsome men for a fun time, but at the end of the day, she always flirts and gets together with ugly men.

Jade Rasif likes dating ugly guysPhoto from @djjaderasif via Instagram

Towards the later half of the video, there’s a general consensus that in order to look good, a person needs to be able to style themselves in a way that works for their body - rather than blindly purchasing expensive brands for the sake of it.

While on the topic, Jade also shares that guys who are overly crazy about designer brands are a “red flag” for her, as they give her “SG Top Scammers” vibes.

This might seem like a contradictory statement for a person who seems to have a whole mountain of luxury handbags, shoes, and clothes, but according to her, a number of these prized possessions of hers are secondhand or thrifted.

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