Titus Low Has Created A Brand Of Adult Toys, Moulded After His Own Dong & More

Titus Low Has Created A Brand Of Adult Toys, Moulded After His Own Dong & More

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By Rachel on 12 Jul 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Perhaps Titus Low’s OnlyFans career has met its end, but that’s not the last you’ll be seeing of him and his…parts. The entrepreneurial young content creator - who recently got married on a whim within less than a month of meeting a special someone - has since launched his own range of adult toys, and they’re literally modelled after his "kuku bird". And more.

Marra - sex toys by Titus LowPhoto from @titusslow via Instagram

Titus Low’s sex toy brand is called Marra and was first launched earlier this year in March. Things have recently gained more buzz - pun unintended - with Titus ramping up the promotion of his toys on Instagram.

Warning: Unless you’ve got a privacy screen protector on your phone, you wouldn’t want to open up Titus’ adult toy store page while in a crowded train. The photos are uncensored and pretty in-your-face - definitely NSFW.

Titus LowPhoto from @titusslow via Instagram

Part of the website description reads: “As you may know, OnlyFans has been a big part of Titus Low until a recent legal aspects putting this venture on a temporary halt. With his fans in mind, Titus has passionately explored other ways to connect with his fans to recreate his ‘NSFW’ content but now with a physical touch. With that, Marra was born.”

Basically, fans will be able to get to know Titus in the most intimate way possible - short of being able to experience the actual thing. 👀

Marra - sex toys by Titus LowPhoto from Marra


There are currently 2 toys as part of Marra’s lineup - one moulded after Titus’, erm, front bits ($128), with the other one taking on the shape of his… 🍑 ($138).

According to Titus, the toys look “pretty nice and accurate”, and he even jokingly suggests using the 🍆 one as a display piece when not in use.

Marra - sex toys by Titus LowPhoto from @titusslow via Instagram

“It has been a tough but interesting journey. I feel very accomplished launching this,” Titus shares in a video uploaded on the Marra website. According to him, it was “just an idea” at first, but he eventually made it come to fruition.

Check out the Marra Toys website here.

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