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Kim Lim Has Mysteriously Deleted All Photos Of Her New Husband, Including Wedding & Proposal Posts

Kim Lim Has Mysteriously Deleted All Photos Of Her New Husband, Including Wedding & Proposal Posts

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By Rachel Yohannan on 02 Jun 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Trouble in paradise? Barely 4 months after her 22/2/22 wedding to her second husband Leslie Leow, Singaporean socialite Kim Lim has quietly deleted all photos of him from Instagram - including the ones of their proposal and grand wedding bash.


Kim Lim and second husband Leslie LeowPhoto from @kimlimhl via Instagram

This isn't the first time the 30-year-old heiress has removed photos related to her relationship from social media. Previously, shortly after getting engaged, her proposal snapshots also disappeared from her page, sparking a ton of speculation from the public. She later re-uploaded them, telling fans and loved ones not to worry, and cited her personality disorder as a reason for her erratic actions.

After tying the knot, she started posting more and more photos of her with her husband Leslie, including those of their travels - but these have since been entirely wiped out from her page.

Kim Lim deleted photos of husbandPhoto from @kimlimhl via Instagram

The superstitious ones among us might consider Kim breaking her double-diamond wedding ring as a bad omen.

That said, it seems like Leslie doesn't particularly enjoy being in the limelight, so perhaps this is Kim's way of protecting him from the public eye…or is it?

Kim Lim unfollowed husband Leslie LeowPhoto from @kimlimhl via Instagram

One thing that makes this whole situation especially suspicious is the fact that Kim and Leslie are no longer following each other at time of writing. Could this be a sign of a breakup?

Kim Lim and husband Leslie Leow unfollowed each otherPhoto from @waleoweh via Instagram

Kim was recently seen holidaying in Bangkok with her buddies, with no sign of her husband in sight. She also recently appeared as the cover girl for L'Officiel Singapore’s June/July issue.

Hopefully her union with Leslie won’t suffer the same fate as her previous marriage with ex-husband Kho Bin Khai.

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