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Influencer Titus Low Shares Why He Did OnlyFans & Spills On Traumatic Arrest & Lockup In New YouTube Video

Influencer Titus Low Shares Why He Did OnlyFans & Spills On Traumatic Arrest & Lockup In New YouTube Video

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By Rachel Yohannan on 07 Jan 2022
Senior Digital Editor

The name Titus Low should ring a bell to most. Even if you haven’t heard of the 22-year-old influencer prior to this, you must have caught wind of his recent arrest, linked to his highly popular OnlyFans account - for which he received a $5,000 fine and made tons of headlines. 


In a no holds barred YouTube video uploaded yesterday, 6 January 2022, the handsome lad shares why he got on the risque content platform in the first place, what happened with regards to his arrest, and how he’ll be moving on from here.

Read on to find out more about the Titus Low OnlyFans saga!

Titus Low explains why he started OnlyFans

Titus Low OnlyFans arrestPhoto from Titus Low

Going straight to the point, Titus shares that he came from a broken family where his parents were separated and never got along. They were both working humble jobs just to keep the family afloat, and looking at their hardship, he always wanted an independent lifestyle where he could support himself without relying on others.

“I hated the feeling of being helpless and stuck in [a] situation which I [couldn’t] do anything about. So at 19 I made the decision to leave home and stopped receiving monetary support from my parents.”

Leaving home at such a young age was definitely a scary decision for him, but he did it anyway without thoughts of turning back.


“I’d rather be broke trying to survive rather than to be dependent on my family” was the mindset he adopted.

He struggled to make ends meet, and it was only when he started OnlyFans that he was able to sustain an income, get his own place, and truly stand on his own feet.

Titus Low’s OnlyFans photos & videos leaked

Titus Low OnlyFans arrestPhoto from @aloafoflogan ft. Titus Low

Titus acknowledges that on the surface, it can appear that he’s been making “easy money” by simply posting photos of himself, but according to him, the job of being an OnlyFans creator comes with its own set of challenges.

In July 2021, his OnlyFans content was leaked, causing him a great deal of mental stress - not only because his intimate photos were being circulated on unregulated sites, but also because he was dealing with an ongoing case of anxiety and adjustment disorder, thus putting him in a less-than-stellar mental state.

“I know I put myself out there but people sometimes don’t realise that I’m human as well. I have feelings and I’m just like you all.”

Titus Low’s arrest - what actually happened?


Titus Low OnlyFans arrestPhoto from Titus Low

According to Titus, there was a police report made against him on 4th September 2021 for “transmitting obscene material in the form of images and videos of [his] private parts online on OnlyFans”.

A month later on 11 October 2021, much to Titus' shock, 5 police officers marched up to his house to confiscate his phone, iPad, iCloud, and all the details of his OnlyFans account. Shortly after, on 2nd November, the police paid him another visit and seized his spare phone and OnlyFans account once again, and there were no updates till December.

Titus admits that he was “quite desperate” during that period, constantly texting the Investigation Officer for updates, as he had made “quite a few big purchases” prior, which he now regrets, and needed his OnlyFans earnings to fund his lifestyle.

“OnlyFans was my main source of income…and I’ve always been the captain of my own ship. So when this was taken away from me I felt very stressed [about] all my expenses, like what am I going to do in the next couple of months.”

He also divulges that he’s currently in a tight spot dealing with this legal case and everything else he has brought upon himself.

“I felt like the same helpless kid that I used to be at 19 years old…As I was growing up, I always [told] myself that I [would] work hard for myself and I'll never be in the same situation as I was last time, but here I am, facing some difficulties”

Titus Low’s traumatising lockup experience and $5,000 fine


Titus Low OnlyFans arrestPhoto from Titus Low

On 28th December 2021 - that lull time between Christmas and New Year - Titus was called up by the police and asked to go down to the station the next day. Once the investigation was over, he was told that he was going to be arrested. This surprised and scared him, because he was under the impression that the whole ordeal was going to be over on that very day.

Instead, he got handcuffed and brought to the lockup where he had to wait for his bailer to bail him out.

“Although I know I sound like a snowflake right now, like very weak, honestly the lock up was quite a traumatic experience. It was like 6 to 7 hours on a hard concrete floor. By the time everything was done it was 6pm.”

When he woke up the next day to get ready to get charged in court, he saw his name and face all over the news.

Titus eventually got off with a $5,000 fine - a relatively small sum considering that his monthly income from OnlyFans is, or rather was, a 5-figure sum.

Titus thanks supporters and calls out person who reported him

Titus Low OnlyFans arrestPhoto from Titus Low


Titus briefly muses that if he had the chance to rewind time, he would choose to “be more savvy and have a more sustainable lifestyle”. That said, he does acknowledge that OnlyFans has brought him to where he is today, allowing him to live the life he used to dream of.

Till this day, he doesn’t know who made the police report, and cannot fathom why they would do such a thing , since he’s “creating specific content for specific adults” - where he is a willing seller to willing buyers.

He shares his candid thoughts on the whole furore:

“As you know, there’s an OnlyFans community in Singapore, and this has become our full-time job. We only create content for people who are our age and wish to have content they want to see, and all of this is on the basis of everything being consensual. So we don’t force you to watch our content, we don’t force you to pay, it’s not open for public consumption.”

He then addresses the person who reported him: “If I don’t impede your life and your lifestyle…why are you impeding mine?”

“I really hope this gets people talking and thinking about how inclusive our society is in 2022.”

Titus Low OnlyFans arrestPhoto from Titus Low

Titus is willingly going through the process of cooperating with the authorities, but will be taking a break from, ahem, lewd content for the time being. 

“I just want my life back and I will not be posting on OnlyFans for now, but you can just subscribe to see my previous posts. My account is still accessible,” he says. So you know what to do, people, if you’re still hankering for a piece of that pie. ?

As a final note, Titus thanks his fans for all the love so far, saying, “ I’ll still be focusing on doing what I’m doing - bringing my energy to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and such…I am forever grateful and thankful for your support.”

The video has received around 60,000 views and counting at time of writing, and has also garnered tons of positive comments from supporters. Check out the full clip below:

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