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12 Home-Based Bakeries In Singapore For Unique Custom Cakes, Macarons & More Baked Treats

12 Home-Based Bakeries In Singapore For Unique Custom Cakes, Macarons & More Baked Treats

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By Karmen on 25 Jun 2021
Digital Editor

Birthdays and special occasions are meant to be just that, special! If you're looking for a cake that's more unique than what you'd find off the shelves in chain stores, home-based bakeries are your best bet.


Keep reading to check out 12 home-based bakeries in Singapore where you can get unique & photo-ready baked treats!

#1 Tokonatsu Kitchen - Japanese-style breads & cinnamon-sourdough hybrids

sourdough bagels japanese bread Tokonatsu KitchenPhoto from Tokonatsu Kitchen

Helmed by a Japanese home baker, Tokonatsu Kitchen came about when the now mum of one wanted control over what went into her food during her pregnancy.

She started cultivating her own sourdough starter and baking her own bread. To stand out from the many sourdough bakeries in Singapore, she created a niche - cinnamon rolls with a hint of sourdough.

sourdough cinnamon rolls with edible flowers Tokonatsu KitchenPhoto from Tokonatsu Kitchen

True to the Japanese aesthetic and kawaii culture, the sourdough-infused cinnamon rolls ($27), bagels (from $12) and Yudane milk bread ($15) have a minimal and effortlessly pretty look. The Yudane milk bread, in particular, looks so adorable with bear and polar bear faces (+$1). This bread has a soft texture and subtle sweetness that's sure to be a hit among kids.


japanese style tear away bread buns with bear facePhoto from Tokonatsu Kitchen

Order from Tokonatsu Kitchen though their order form and check out their Instagram.

#2 ilovefluffybakes - cookies in tins & creative designs

assorted cookies in tin ilovefluffybakes singaporePhoto from ilovefluffybakes

Its founder, Sophie, had dreams of opening a bakery that were set aside for adulting duties like parenting. This changed during the circuit breaker in 2020 when she finally had time to bake again and started ilovefluffybakes.

Her bakery's bestseller is the Cornflakes Raisin Cookies ($18/tin), a simple comfort snack. All cookies come in gorgeous metal tins which you could repurpose as storage tins for accessories or loose change.

If aesthetically pleasing food is your weakness, you'll be sorely tempted by the Cartoon Butter Cookies ($28) and Mahjong Cookies ($38.80).

disney character mini cookies ilovefluffybakes singaporePhoto from ilovefluffybakes


mahjong cookies ilovefluffybakes singaporePhoto from ilovefluffybakes

Order from ilovefluffybakes on their website or Instagram.

#3 thebakerbok - cute Korean-style bento cakes

minimalist korean style bento cake baker bok singaporePhoto from thebakerbok

The Baker Bok was first launched in 2014 but only started taking off recently, probably thanks to their shift towards Korean-style bento cakes which are right on trend.

blue daisy korean style bento cake baker bok singaporePhoto from thebakerbok

windy wendy korean style bento cake baker bok singaporePhoto from thebakerbok

Packed in cute takeaway boxes, their buttercream painted cakes come in a ton of flavours. Some bestsellers are Chocolate Overload and Vanilla Speculoos. They're also customisable according to what you prefer from minimalist to more elaborate designs. Prices start from $25 and vary according to design.


Order from The Baker Bok through WhatsApp (+65 87005078) or Instagram.

#4 Tartistry by M - artisanal tartlets

mini artisanal chocolate tartlets Tartistry by M singaporePhoto from Tartistry by M

Run by a wife & husband duo, Maryam and Mirza, Tartistry by M transpired from Maryam's love for baking with her mum and daughters. After experimenting with all sorts of baked treats from macarons to tiered wedding cakes, she found her calling in artisanal tartlets.

These gorgeous tartlets look just like the ones you'd find at high-end bakeries but at a less premium price. They're sometimes decorated with edible flowers too.

fruit edible flower tartlets Tartistry by M singaporePhoto from Tartistry by M

The tartlets are filled with either a rich & creamy homemade custard or chocolate couvertures with a high percentage of cocoa butter (i.e. a stronger chocolate flavour). The menu changes every 4-6 weeks or so, depending on seasonality and ingredients.


Their bestselling flavours are Fruit Vanilla Custard, 70% Dark Choc Sea Salt, S'mores Cookie Crumble and Chocolate Cocoa Nibs.

Prices range from $30 for a Fruits Mini Platter of 16 tartlets to $64 for an Artisanal 'glass' Gift Box of 25 tartlets.

mini tartlets assorted Tartistry by M singaporePhoto from Tartistry by M

Preorder from Tartistry by M on their website and check out extra bake updates on their Instagram.

#5 SIMPLYBAKEZ - Korean-style cakes in a wide variety of styles

night sky illustration korean style cake SIMPLYBAKEZ singaporePhoto from SIMPLYBAKEZ

This is another home-based bakery for Korean-style cakes, but SIMPLYBAKEZ also has full-sized cakes in addition to smaller bento cakes.

funny witty message brushstroke korean style cake SIMPLYBAKEZ singaporePhoto from SIMPLYBAKEZ


Their sponge cakes have the classic Korean aesthetic - minimalist with a touch of childlike whimsy. Customisation options include your pick of one of 12 flavours (Biscoff, Nutella, Lychee, Matcha, etc.), size, number of sponge cake layers and design. Prices start from $45+ for Minimalist, Brush and Outline designs to $60+ for 3D designs.

rabbit two tier korean style cake SIMPLYBAKEZ singaporePhoto from SIMPLYBAKEZ

Order from SIMPLYBAKEZ on Instagram.


#6 LELOVE - themed boxes

box of cookies christmas theme lelovePhoto from LELOVE

First launched in late 2020, LELOVE curates beautifully presented themed boxes that have a warm, cottagecore aesthetic. Each box is filled with assorted hand-crafted baked goodies like cookies, bread, muffins, madeleines and macarons. Every piece complements the other and provides a contrast at the same time for an impressive look.

One of their recent ones is the Beary Thank You box for Mother's Day, a pretty mix of simple comfort snacks in bear shapes.


bear themed cookie box lelovePhoto from LELOVE

Their Easter boxes contained items like a hot cross bun, mini cakes, shortcake and butterscotch sable.

easter themed cookie box lelovePhoto from LELOVE

These themed boxes are priced from $28.

Check out LELOVE on Instagram.

#7 Therapeutic Bake - customised Japanese-style Swiss rolls

my melody japanese deco roll cake in singapore by therapeautic bakePhoto from Therapeutic Bake

Therapeutic Bake's founder started baking as a form of therapy after experiencing postpartum depression, hence the name of her home-based bakery.


Her Japanese-style deco rolls are fully customisable from the flavour to characters and messages. Prices start from $24. Find out more about Therapeutic Bake here.

#8 Angie's Cake Delight - adorable character chiffon cakes

Angie's Cake Delight character chiffon cakesPhoto from Angie's Cake Delight

Angie's Cake Delight specialises in intricately designed character chiffon cakes in a variety of shapes from rolls and large doughnuts to candy-shapes and even bubble tea shapes.

Find out more about Angie's Cake Delight here.

#9 Happy Cart - character mantous

happy cart sanrio ice cream mantouPhoto from Happy Cart

Happy Cart is a Facebook-based bakery that sells character mantous, tangyuan and meringue cookies.


Their orders are handled by hosts around Singapore. You'll WhatsApp the nearest host to order or get more info and to collect your baked goodies once they're ready.

Find out more about Happy Cart here.

#10 Wishing Upon A Cake - Jelly Cakes

Wishing Upon A Cake Little Twin Stars jelly cakePhoto from Wishing Upon A Cake

This Instagram-based bakery specialises in handmade jelly cakes that have intricate, textured designs suspended in transparent jelly. These cakes can be customised to feature your favourite characters with different flavours.

Find out more about Wishing Upon A Cake here.

#11 yoyosummer_sg - Korean-style cakes with vintage aesthetic

korean style vintage 3d bear cake Photo from yoyosummer_sg


yoyosummer_sg is an Instagram cake business run by Cindy, a self-taught baker since 2009. One of her most noteworthy customised cakes are Korean-style cakes that have a lovely vintage-esque aesthetic. Some of them even come in 3D designs like the cake covered in piped cream to look like a floofy bear.

Find out more about yoyosummer_sg here.

#12 The Baking Munchies - everything under the sun including character tarts

winnie the pooh and pikachu lemon tarts in singaporePhoto from The Baking Munchies

The Baking Munchies does it all from macrons to chiffon cakes. But by far, their most kawaii-overload treat are their character tarts!

Find out more about The Baking Munchies here.

More bakeries in Singapore:

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