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Martinis, Margaritas & More Cocktails Now Come In Ready-To-Drink Cans In Singapore Supermarkets

Martinis, Margaritas & More Cocktails Now Come In Ready-To-Drink Cans In Singapore Supermarkets

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By Karmen on 24 Nov 2020
Digital Editor

There's nothing like glasses of cocktails to make a house party, at-home spa or just about any situation feel a little more glamorous.


If mixing your own cocktails is too much of a hassle or beyond your skill level, you'll be happy to know that ready-to-drink cocktails in a can is a thing. Newly launched in Singapore are the Curatif canned cocktails.

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Curatif cocktails are crafted to be just as good as a cocktail mixed by a pro bartender but in a convenient canned packaging.

Curatif Espresso Martini in a can poured in a glassPhoto from Curatif

For introverts and homebodies who dread going to a bar yet can't mix up a quality drink, these ready-to-serve cocktails are a dream come true. All it takes is to pour it into a glass and you can enjoy a consistently perfect drink every time like you would in a world-class cocktail bar.

Unlike beer cans which have easily identifiable designs, Curatif cocktails cans are discrete, many with Instagrammable designs that could make them pass as non alcoholic drinks.

These are the four Curatif cocktails you can find in Singapore:


Archie Rose Espresso Martini (16.4% ABV / 120 ml)

canned Espresso Martini Photo from Curatif

This rich and creamy and drink is a decadent blend of coffee, vodka and sweet tones. An initial warm burst of smooth sweetness is quickly followed by rich toffee, cocoa and coffee. The Archie Rose Original Vodka then kicks in, harmonising with the espresso, providing for a complex yet balanced cocktail.

Four Pillars Negroni (17.25% ABV / 140 ml)

curatif Four Pillars Negroni in a canPhoto from Curatif

Probably the simplest and most classic cocktail of all time, this drink has a spicy bitter taste of Campari liqueur which is balanced by a fresh preserved fruit note from its grape base. Then, the Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin with added pepperberry and cinnamon delivers spice and a delicate warmth.

Plantation Pineapple Daiquiri (18.5% ABV / 130 ml) 

curatif Plantation Pineapple Daiquiri in a canPhoto from Curatif


Dubbed as the Harley Quinn of the cocktail world, this beverage makes one feel sweet, beautiful and a little dangerous when sipping on it. It's made of award-winning Plantation rum from Barbados, Trinidad and Jamaica, pineapple rinds, Australian central coast limes, agave syrup and pressed cane sugar.

Tromba Margarita (18.5% ABV / 130 ml)

Curatif Tequila Tromba Tommy's Margarita in a canPhoto from Curatif

The thirst-quenching Tommy's Margarita was made in collaboration with Tequila Tromba, a world class producer of tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. Tequila, lime juice and agave syrup - that's all that in this drink! Each element compliments and accentuates the other to create an elegantly balanced and satisfying cocktail.

The Curatif canned cocktails retail at selected Cold Storage outlets (including Great World City, Plaza Singapura, Takashimaya, Jelita, Kallang, Raffles City, Tanglin and Paragon) for $12 per can or $40 for a pack of four. That's pretty affordable for a premium cocktail! They're also available at EC Proof, Huber's Butchery and Redmart.

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