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6 Tips To Incorporate A Perfect Bar Counter Space In Your Small BTO/HDB Kitchen

6 Tips To Incorporate A Perfect Bar Counter Space In Your Small BTO/HDB Kitchen

By Wei Yin on 15 May 2020
Digital Editor

Having a bar counter in your own home has many benefits aside from jazzing up your home.


However, many are hesitant because they think it will just take up more space or don't see the appeal of it.

If you have always wanted a bar counter in your home, we have some tips to help you achieve the perfect bar counter space in your small BTO or HDB flat.

Read on to find out more!

#1 Connect it to your kitchen

Bar counter with wooden table topPhoto from Pinterest

Bar counter connected to the kitchenPhoto from Pinterest

This tip allows you to achieve an open concept kitchen while incorporating a bar counter at the same time. The trick to nailing this is to choose an L-shaped table top and use the table that juts out as your bar counter.


This also lets you save even more space in your home because you can use the bar counter as your dining table for meals if you have a small family.

#2 Choose bar stools with backrest 

Bar counter with wooden bar stoolsPhoto from Pinterest

Bar counter with white bar stools Photo from Pinterest

Trust us on this because it will make sitting at your bar counter much more comfortable! You will be able to have meals, drinks, bake and prepare cooking ingredients at the bar counter so having a bar stool that is comfy enough is very important.

#3 White and light brown colour palette

Bar counter with wood colour palettePhoto from Pinterest

Bar counter with white and light brown colour palettePhoto from Pinterest


Search for bar counter inspiration on Google or Pinterest and you will see most of them using the white and light brown colour palette. It's one of the best colour palettes because it will make your house appear bigger compared to darker colours. Plus, this colour palette gives it a very clean and elegant look.

If this colour palette is not your cup of tea, other light neutral colours will work too.

#4 Install hanging lights above 

Bar counter with black hanging lightsPhoto from Pinterest

Bar counter with light hanging lightsPhoto from Pinterest

Add pizzazz to your bar counter area by installing hanging lights above. We recommend using warm lighting to light up the space beautifully and to give it a cosy ambience for you to enjoy a few drinks.

#5 Install hidden lights

Bar counter with grey colour palettePhoto from Pinterest

Bar counter with black bar stoolsPhoto from Pinterest

Spruce up the space even more by installing hidden lights or spot lights to illuminate the space apart from using hanging lights. This is a great tip for those who prefer using a darker colour palette for their bar counter area as the hidden lights will brighten the space.

#6 Cabinets under the bar counter

Cabinets under bar counterPhoto from Pinterest

Make the space look neat by having cabinets under the bar counter to keep all your kitchenware and bar essentials.

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