6 Unforgettable & Heart-Fluttering Moments In "Crash Landing On You"

6 Unforgettable & Heart-Fluttering Moments In "Crash Landing On You"

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By Wei Yin on 17 Feb 2020
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Hit K-drama series Crash Landing on You has just concluded its run and we are still reeling from the post-drama syndrome. 😢

The cross-border love story also broke records on its last episode, scoring an average nationwide rating of 21.68% and a peak rating of 24.1%, overtaking the previous record set by Goblin back in January 2017!

If you are like us and cannot get enough of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin as well as the amazing supporting characters, it's time to relive some of the most unforgettable and heart-fluttering moments of the drama with us.

Read on and take a walk down memory lane!

#1 Yoon Se Ri crash lands onto Ri Jung Hyuk (episode 1)

Crash landing on you ep 1Photo from The Swoon

Yoon Se Ri regains consciousness after crash landing in North Korea and Ri Jung Hyuk spots her. He orders her to come down but when she hops off, she lands on Ri Jung Hyuk and clings onto him like a monkey.

This comical yet adorable first meeting (other than the times they bumped into each other in Switzerland years ago) of the main characters was especially heart-fluttering when Ri Jung Hyuk kept his hands off her (like the gentleman that he is) while she clung onto him for dear life.

Check out the scene below:

#2 Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk's first kiss (episode 3)

Crash landing on you episode 3 Photo from The Swoon

They were on a ship that would send Yoon Se Ri back to South Korea illegally but a siren sounds suddenly and the coast guard boards the ship to conduct a spot check. He tells her he heard about something that usually works in South Korean dramas and kisses her to create a distraction.

What made this scene funny was how Ri Jung Hyuk genuinely thought that this tactic seen in South Korean dramas would work but we couldn't stop squealing either way!

Check out the scene below:

#3 Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk catch the first snow together (episode 6)

Crash landing on you episode 7Photo from The Swoon

Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk are at a bar for fried chicken and beer, then it starts snowing. She tells him when two people catch the first snow together, it means that they will fall in love.

This scene was heart wrenching yet moving at the same time. Everybody knows they are attracted to each other but cannot be together due to various reasons. What Yoon Se Ri said tugged on viewer's heartstrings.

Check out the scene below:


#4 Ri Jung Hyuk sends Yoon Se Ri off with a kiss (episode 9)

Crash landing on you episode 9Photo from The Swoon

Yoon Se Ri finally gets to go back to South Korea nine episodes in and of course, Ri Jung Hyuk was there to send her off. Despite trying to keep things lighthearted by joking around before she crosses the border, she couldn't help but to cry when she steps into South Korea. Ri Jung Hyuk surprises her by stepping over and pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

Unrealistic but it was still really sweet!

Check out the scene below:

#5 Ri Jung Hyuk shows up in South Korea (episode 10)

Crash landing on you episode 10Photo from The Swoon

Yoon Se Ri is back to her life in South Korea but misses Ri Jung Hyuk. When she runs out of sleeping pills, she decides to take a walk and suddenly, she sees Ri Jung Hyuk walking towards her on the streets!

Finally, the lovesick couple meets again, this time in South Korea instead. We loved the bittersweet feeling of seeing them reunite but also knowing that things are going to get exciting (and slightly scary too) since the villain is in South Korea, waiting to get revenge on them.

Check out the scene below:

#6 Ri Jung Hyuk gifts Yoon Se Ri couple rings (episode 13) 

Crash landing on you episode 13Photo from The Swoon

Ri Jung Hyuk makes it official by gifting Yoon Se Ri with couple rings on her birthday.

He was adorably shy about it at first which made the scene all the more special and cute! 😍

Check out the scene below:

Other than the six moments mentioned above, there are many more unforgettable, sweet, sad and touching moments in this amazing drama. Paired with the actors' stellar acting skills, Crash Landing on You is truly a drama that will stay with the fans for a long, long time.

Make sure you give this drama a try if you haven't!

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