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This Thai Lady Lost Almost 30KG In 4 Months And Here's How She Did It

This Thai Lady Lost Almost 30KG In 4 Months And Here's How She Did It

By elaine.kiew on 28 Feb 2019

Just like many of us, Maimai Chanitwongse has always dreamt about losing weight. In fact, she has tried various means and succeeded a few times but they were unhealthy and caused detrimental results to her health.

But her life changed with this successful weight loss transformation. Scroll along to see how she did it.

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In a public Facebook post that has since received over 80K shares, Mai shared her personal weight loss journey on how she lost 29kg in four months.

She started off by talking about how it was not the first time she lost weight. In fact, she had been through similar processes thrice through diet pills and all sorts of fat-soluble supplements, slimming lotion and anti-cellulite cream hoping it would burn her body fats.

Not only did those solutions backfired, but it also caused detrimental results to her health and she was not happy.


She first lost 10kg when she was in Grade 11, 15kg during her sophomore year and another 15kg before her graduation ceremony. But things went south since she graduated. Thanks for all the festive indulgences and the lack of exercise, her diet also went out of control. Her wake-up call came when her weight shot up to 85.6kg.


In the Facebook caption accompanying this photo, Mai jokingly shared that "Even the Gods wouldn't be able to help (me) lose weight."

Since her post went viral, there were readers who wondered if she did anything to her face and she clarified that she has a natural V-shaped face which is why all her fats were (thankfully) stored in her abdomen, hips and thighs instead of her cheeks.



And so Mai abandoned all the harmful slimming pills and started exercising.



The first three weeks were extremely tough for Mai and she would feel so frustrated and exhausted after the exercises. There were also times when she felt that she would not be able to make it through the regime. But she did.

After three weeks, her body started adjusting to the changes her body was undergoing and she started burning more calories! She also tweaked her lifestyle and went to bed as early as 9pm. To avoid social media distractions, she would put her phone far from her bedside too!




As we can see, Mai's weight dropped significantly and revealed her true body shape. Besides this, her skin condition also improved and she has never felt healthier!





Look at that transformation. Inspiring, isn't it? Besides exercising, most of us should know that our diet plays an important part too.

Mai did not go to the extremes and ate cleanly. She shared that she merely ate home-cooked food prepared by her grandmother and mother.


Besides that, she also consumed healthy and wholesome foods and juices such as coconut milk, fruits, yoghurt, steamed pumpkin, banana and smoothies without sugar syrup.


She also motivated herself with inspiring quotes, reminding herself of her end goal- to be healthy and happy in her own body.


And after a long and tough journey, here she is, happier and healthier than ever in her own skin.



It is never easy to share our past, especially in a public setting but we thank Mai for sharing her inspirational weight loss transformation! We hope that this post would inspire all of you to achieve your new year resolutions and rock your dream body very soon. Jiayou and keep going!

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Photos: Maimai Chanitwongse
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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