Kakao Baby Piglets Here To Welcome The Year Of The Pig, Oink Oink~

Kakao Baby Piglets Here To Welcome The Year Of The Pig, Oink Oink~

By GirlStyle on 30 Dec 2018

As the year of the pig draws near, companies are coming up with cute piggies merch to welcome a prosperous and full 2019! Kakao friends from Korea join in the fun and launch their cute plushies wrapped in cute pig hoodies!

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It's Kakao's way of saying 「Happy New Year! 」This limited edition Ryan, Apeach and Muzi are rounder, fuller and 100% squishable.


If you feel like it, you have the option to remove their hoodies and squish them again.



If they don't behave themselves, turn them around spank their cute piggy booty. Featuring bonus cute coiled up pigtail.

02aa119d-4c35-4435-b067-fc265f043c65 They are all wrapped up in a bigger dumpling set with a pink ribbon.

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A welcoming #KaokoPigCeption!


This set of 3 Kakao Friends Piggies is 49000 Korean Won or $60 SGD

Photo Source: Kakao Friends

Text By: Girlstyle SG

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