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Everyone Is Sobbing Their Eyes Out Over Netflix's 'One Day'

Everyone Is Sobbing Their Eyes Out Over Netflix's 'One Day'

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By Allison Kong on 22 Feb 2024

Warning: this article contains spoilers for the show.


Netflix's One Day series, is making viewers everywhere reaching for tissues with its emotional rollercoaster ride. This limited series follows the long-lasting romance of Dexter (Leo Woodall) and Emma (Ambika Mod), who meet up every year on a special day throughout the years. Originally from a novel, then a 2011 movie with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, it's now a heartwarming 14-episode British series.

One DayPhoto from Netflix

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the 2011 One Day filmPhoto from Universal Pictures

Following Emma and Dexter's romance over twenty years, it all starts at a graduation party in Edinburgh University, but little did they know it would shape their lives for years. Viewers will see Emma and Dexter's on-again-off-again romance unfold as they struggle to express their true feelings. It takes over a decade for them to finally get together.

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall in a scene from One DayPhoto from Netflix

But just when things seem to be going well, tragedy strikes. Emma dies in 2002, leaving Dexter to grapple with his grief and regrets. The show's ending focuses on Dexter trying to cope with his loss and the missed opportunities for happiness. It's a sad story that reminds us not to wait to express our feelings. Netflix even uses this message in their marketing, urging viewers to "just tell them how you feel."

Ambika Mod and Leo Woodall in a scene from One DayPhoto from Ludovic Robert/Netflix


What keeps One Day so captivating is the constant back-and-forth between Dex and Emma, fuelled by a lifetime of misunderstandings. The show shifts between two feelings: hilariously awkward and deeply sad, which hits hard for romantics. Their consistent bad luck with timing mostly comes from their hesitance to be honest about their feelings until it's too late. Watching these two close friends dodge the truth for years will leave you frustrated and wanting to yell, "JUST SAY IT!" at your TV.

Viewers are sharing their emotions on social media about the heartbreaking story and its incredibly sad ending. A user of X shared, "Just finished watching One Day on Netflix... Speechless. I've seen the movie, but nothing prepared me for this."

Leo Woodall in a scene from One DayPhoto from Netflix

Another chimed in, saying, "I just finished One Day on Netflix and now I need therapy. I didn't expect a series to shatter my heart the way this did."


"I’m not even trying to be over the top or dramatic but One Day on Netflix has quite literally broken me," wrote another user.

And one person concluded, "One Day on Netflix was way better than the movie. I'm literally drowning in my own tears."

Even American socialite Kim Kardashian feels the same way. She uploaded an Instagram story with a photo of herself watching a scene from One Day, and added a caption below it: “And if you need a show… One Day on @netflix. Kinda slow but worth sticking through because the end.”

Photo from @kimkardashian via Instagram

But hey, it's not all about pain and sadness. The show knows how to sprinkle in bits of hope with those sweet, fleeting moments between Dex and Emma—just enough to keep you hanging on. Whether it's Emma catching Dex off guard with a peck on the cheek in a moment, Dex dropping his usual jokes to reassure Emma that she deserves the world, or the way they're always cozying up together like two peas in a pod—it's these little scenes that are sure to warm your heart.

One Day is currently available to stream on Netflix.