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This Dreamy Afternoon Tea Set At Hilton Singapore Orchard Is Served In A Storybook-Shaped Dessert Drawer

This Dreamy Afternoon Tea Set At Hilton Singapore Orchard Is Served In A Storybook-Shaped Dessert Drawer

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By Zoe Zeng on 04 Aug 2023

Out of all the amazing hotel afternoon tea experiences out there, the new Nikkei-style menu from Ginger.Lily at Hilton Singapore Orchard has to be one of the most unique. Each set comes with a selection of savouries inspired by Japanese and Peruvian flavours, a dessert drawer filled with delicate sweets, and two pots of tea per diner!


Nikkei-style Afternoon TeaPhoto from Ginger.Lily

The highlight of their afternoon tea set is of course, the desserts. When we sampled their regular menu last year, these were served in a bookshelf-shaped stand, with the drawer itself resembling a pink-coloured storybook. This time around, the 'book' was a light green, which fits into the botanical theme of Ginger.Lily bar and lounge.

Ginger.LilyPhoto from Ginger.Lily

Speaking of which, the elegant plant details and relaxing atmosphere of Ginger.Lily makes it an enjoyable place to spend an afternoon chatting with your date or hosting a get-together with some friends. We'd definitely recommend it to those who are looking for a centrally located venue or a well-deserved treat on the weekends.

Read on to check out our review of the refreshed afternoon tea experience!

Nikkei Savouries

Nikkei-Style SalmonPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


To start off, three types of savouries are served to fill up the hungry bellies of diners. Sashimi lovers will absolutely adore the first one — the Nikkei-Style Salmon dish has small cuts of raw salmon tossed in a savoury yuzu sauce with crispy quinoa and kyuri.

Shishamo and SandoPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Right after that, the Shishamo and Sando are served up. The crunch and creamy flavour of the Shishamo adds an extra dimension to the spice provided by the sriracha and jalapeños included in the sandwich. As for the Sando, it looks almost exactly like one of the popular katsu breads you can find from any convenience store in Japan, but the texture of the Kurobuta pork and black garlic aoli definitely elevates it to a more complex flavour profile.

While the savouries look like rather small servings at first glance, they are in fact very filling (especially the two sandwiches) and we were already feeling a little full after this course!

Nikkei Nigiris

Nikkei NigirisPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next come the Nikkei Nigiris, which consist of three pieces of nigiri per diner. Each one tastes distinctly of premium sushi rice and has a light caramelised flavour, since these were gently blowtorched before being served.

Nikkei NigirisPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


The Foie Gras Nigiri has a very soft texture and melts in the mouth — it features a Nikkei Ginger Teriyaki sauce and Maldon Salt. The Maguro Chu-Toro Nigiri uses an orange-ponzu glaze with a touch of wasabi, which gives it an overall tangy, fresh flavour. As for the White Fish Nigiri, it definitely is more on the spicy side as it incorporates Aji Amarillo and Shiromi chili.

Japanese-Inspired Sweets & Scones

Japanese-Inspired SweetsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Here's where the magic happens — the book-shaped dessert drawer is served closed, before it is pulled open to reveal five tiers of sweets inside. The Instagrammable moment doesn't end there, because each of the intricate Japanese-inspired pastries have beautiful details when you look at them up close!

Strawberry Miso TartPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The Strawberry Miso Tart stole the show at first glance with how much it looks like a real strawberry. Once we cut into it, we were greeted by the sight of a miso-flavoured filling and a strawberry center. The combination was surprisingly mild and not too sweet nor savoury.

Mikan Cacao Pepper ChouxPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

While its name makes trying it sound rather daunting, the Mikan Cacao Pepper Choux has our unanimous vote for the most delicious sweet! The choux pastry has a crisp and crumbly exterior and its notes of cacao and pepper tasted wonderful together.

Clotted Cream, Strawberry Apple Jam and Yuzu Chocolate Crème spreadsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

On the lowest tier of the shelf there are also fresh scones to enjoy with a trio of spreads: Clotted Cream, Strawberry Apple Jam and Yuzu Chocolate Crème.

The Nikki-inspired afternoon tea costs $58 per person, or $78 with a glass of champagne. You can make a reservation for Ginger.Lily here.

Ginger.Lily @ Hilton Singapore Orchard
Address: 333 Orchard Road, Level 5 Hilton Singapore Orchard, Singapore 238867
Opening hours: 9am - 1am daily (Afternoon tea available between 1pm - 3pm and 3.30pm - 5.30pm)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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