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Nesuto Opens New Outlet With Gorgeous Cakes, Bonbons & Premium House Blends

Nesuto Opens New Outlet With Gorgeous Cakes, Bonbons & Premium House Blends

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By Zoe Zeng on 26 Jul 2023

Wondering where to get your next high tea or dessert fix? Nesuto's pretty confections and unique flavour combinations might just tickle your fancy. More experienced cafe hoppers may already be familiar with the French and Japanese-inspired dessert cafe, which has a flagship outlet on Tras Street. Nesuto has since opened its doors at a second location – the iconic Jewel Changi Airport – boasting exclusive menu items and a brand new autumnal concept!


Nesuto @ Jewel Changi AirportPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The store itself is shaped like an oval egg and customers are greeted by the cafe's minimalistic and comforting ambience as soon as they walk in. The bird's egg and nest theme extends from the textured walls to the round tables and seats lined with plush velvet material.

Nesuto @ Jewel Changi AirportPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Nesuto @ Jewel Changi AirportPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

You can immediately view all the desserts available for the day in the counter display, including many slice cakes, bonbons and entrements. While Nesuto also has a range of coffee and other drinks available, its tea blends are definitely the star of the drinks menu. We'd suggest to ask for a tea pairing recommendation from their friendly staff when ordering desserts, which would greatly enhance the flavour of your selected confection.

Here are some of the must-try items on Nesuto's menu:

Matcha Chestnut Slice Cake ($12.90)


Matcha Chestnut Slice CakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Without a doubt, matcha enthusiasts will be delighted to bite into this flavourful 3-tier creation: made up of a light custard base, chestnut mousse, and uji matcha chantilly cream. But we'd recommend this even to non-lovers of matcha – the cake's dense and moist texture paired with its balanced flavour makes it an easy favourite. This cake is one of the new menu items exclusive to Nesuto's Jewel outlet.

Chocolate Orange Slice Cake ($11.20)

Chocolate Orange Slice CakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Decadent and luscious, this orange essence-infused cake requires four whole days to craft! The result is a fragrant and moist chocolate sponge, injected with gentle orange compote, and layered with orange-infused dark chocolate ganache that doesn't have the distinct bitterness commonly found in similar confections. This cake is another one of the new menu items exclusive to Nesuto's Jewel outlet.

Whiskey Chocolate Slice Cake ($11.90)

Whiskey Chocolate Slice CakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

It's never too early to dig into dessert, not even if it's whiskey flavoured! This layered creation combines smooth chocolate with a seductive whiskey and the light spice of cinnamon to create a taste reminiscent of rich and creamy Nama chocolate. This cake is also one of the new menu items exclusive to Nesuto's Jewel outlet.


Yuzu Raspberry Slice Cake ($11.20)

Yuzu Raspberry Slice CakePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Unlike the earlier newly-introduced sliced cakes, this delicate confection is one of the oldest and most popular menu items at Nesuto. Don't let its super Instagrammable appearance fool you — the light and fluffy texture of the sponge paired with citrusy flavours like yuzu and raspberry makes it as delicious as it looks, a great pick for an after-dinner treat!

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate Bonbons ($3.86 per piece / $23.14 per box of 6)

Handcrafted Artisan Chocolate BonbonsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The beautiful chocolate bonbons here are definitely not to be missed. Each has its own distinctive shell design and flavour, making them a great gift idea for those with a sweet tooth. There are 6 flavours available: Raspberry & Lime, Japanese Goma, Earl Grey & Bergamot, Passionfruit & Hazelnut, Pistachio & Rose and Smoked Dark Chocolate & Caramel.

Bonus: Dirty Chai ($6.50 / $7.50)

Dirty ChaiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Nesuto's original blend of Dirty Chai is a great choice for those who can't decide between coffee and tea, especially if you enjoy your chai as a light pick-me-up. Topped with a dusting of cinnamon, it has a strong scent of cardamom but a very mellow taste and a well-balanced flavour. The chai comes in a generously sized cup and is served with a cookie.

Nesuto @ Jewel Changi Airport
Address: 78 Airport Blvd., #01-236 & 237, Singapore 819666
Opening hours: 12 to 10pm (Mon-Sat), 12 to 6pm (Sun)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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