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Titus Low & Cheryl Finally Reveal Pics Of Their Baby, Whole Childbirth Process Was Filmed & Photographed

Titus Low & Cheryl Finally Reveal Pics Of Their Baby, Whole Childbirth Process Was Filmed & Photographed

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By Rachel Yohannan on 14 Mar 2023
Senior Digital Editor

We recently caught news of Titus Low’s wife Cheryl Chin giving birth to their first baby, and although their daughter’s name was revealed via Instagram Stories, they hadn’t posted any photos of her yet. Turns out, this name reveal was done by accident - Cheryl blames her “mom’s foggy brain” syndrome - but since that’s already out in the open, the couple have decided to come forth and share some super cute pictures of their bundle of joy with everyone. 


Titus Low and wife Cheryl ChinPhoto from Titus Low & Cheryl Chin via Instagram

Many of you might be wondering how the name Elleria is supposed to be pronounced, and this can be found in the short video that Titus and Cheryl just posted on their couple YouTube channel. At one point, Titus mentions the name of his daughter and pronounces it as “ELL-uh-ree-uh”, with the last two syllables said quickly such that they’re mashed together as a single syllable.

Filmed by ABC Photography, the aforementioned YouTube video is titled “To Our Daughter”, and show snippets of this childbirth experience - which was thankfully safe and smooth-sailing. Coincidentally, this special occasion happened on 8 March 2023, which was also International Women’s Day - thus making it even more meaningful for Cheryl.

Titus Low & Cheryl Chin with baby girl, Elleria LowPhoto from Titus Low & Cheryl Chin via Instagram

Cheryl underwent a C-section delivery at Thomson Medical Centre with no complications, and seemed well-put together throughout the entire process. In fact, Titus seemed more nervous than her - although he did have the capacity to film her being “high” on painkillers while the Caesarean operation was ongoing. 

Cheryl also shares a little bit more about her pregnancy journey, saying that she was a mess during her first trimester. Thankfully, she managed to pick herself up along the way and things got better within the second trimester - and she attributes this all to drawing strength from her child.

Titus Low with Cheryl Chin post-childbirthPhoto from Titus Low & Cheryl Chin via Instagram


“Throughout my whole pregnancy, [my daughter] was helping me get better, you know, by helping me become the person I wanna become, and the kind of mum I wanna be. So I’m actually very excited to finally meet her…” Cheryl muses in a clip taken shortly before she went into the operating theatre.

Cheryl Chin and daughter Elleria LowPhoto from Titus Low & Cheryl Chin via Instagram

Both parents have described this experience as “surreal”, and are clearly excited to embark on this new chapter together with their little tot in tow.

Aside from the video, Titus and Cheryl have also posted a joint Instagram reel and photo carousel with some selfies and behind-the-scenes shots. In some of the photos, you will notice that their baby girl still has womb fluids on her, which shows that they were snapped literally seconds after she entered the world. How lucky of the couple to have these first precious moments with their newborn immortalised forever!

And now, here’s a super cute photo of little Elleria Low post-cleanup, sleeping soundly the angel she is:

Titus Low & Cheryl Chin's daughter, Elleria LowPhoto from Titus Low & Cheryl Chin via Instagram

Just look at those round cheeks ? Congratulations once again to Titus and Cheryl - we’re sure they’ll make great parents!

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