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Nasty Cookie Launches New Forever Crispy "Fries" With Free Sauces For April Fool's Day

Nasty Cookie Launches New Forever Crispy "Fries" With Free Sauces For April Fool's Day

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By Karmen on 24 Mar 2022
Digital Editor

After Nasty Cookie's alarming cat poop brownies that looked too realistic, they're back with yet another prank treat that'll give you a good chuckle - Cookie Fries.


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Unlike fries that get soggy when they're delivered, Nasty Cookie's "fries" will always be crispy, or rather, crunchy, as they're actually fries-shaped cookies.

Nasty Cookie Crispy Fries in Original, Chocolate and Strawberry with saucesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

An April Fool's special, the Cookie Fries are made of strips of crunchy and buttery cookies. The Original flavour looks exactly like thick-cut crinkle fries at a glance, especially when presented in the cute Tiffany blue French fry cone.

It also comes in two other delicious flavours - Chocolate and Strawberry.

Nasty Cookie Crispy Fries in OriginalPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

You have a choice of complimentary sauces: Ketchup, Curry and BBQ. Before you go "eww", the flavours are just named after typical fries condiments. BBQ is actually chocolate, Ketchup is strawberry jam, and Curry is a thick biscoff sauce.

Nasty Cookie Strawberry Cookie Fries dipped in curry saucePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The forever crispy Cookie Fries are available online and at all Nasty Cookie outlets at $5.

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