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5 Unique Snacks In Singapore: BBQ Seafood Potato Chips, Popped Sorghum, Matcha Granola & More

5 Unique Snacks In Singapore: BBQ Seafood Potato Chips, Popped Sorghum, Matcha Granola & More

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By Karmen on 03 Aug 2022
Digital Editor

Feeling a little meh about your current snack drawer situation? It might be time to venture out of your all-time favourites and try some new, unique treats!


#1 Revive Classic Granola, Overnight Oats & Natural Nut Butters

Revive Classic Granola, Overnight Oats & Natural Nut ButtersPhoto from Revive

You don't have to feel bad about snacking if you're choosing the healthier option. Homegrown brand Revive has a range of healthy snacks - which are all made in Singapore - that don't compromise on taste. We're particularly fond of their granolas ($14.90), which are made with 100% natural ingredients and nutritionally well-balanced, with a good mix of whole grains (oats), natural sweeteners (honey, maple and coconut sugar), and healthy fats (coconut oil). Flavours available include Matcha, Earl Grey, Chocolate and more!

And if you find yourself constantly skipping breakfast, you might want to get some of their breakfast foods as well. Their overnight oats ($18.90) are particularly convenient - all you need to do is add a milk of your choice and leave it overnight in the fridge and tadah, a quick and nutritious breakfast that requires no effort on your part. Prefer to have toast in the morning? Try their natural nut butters ($10.90-$14.90), which are unsalted and contain no added sugar, but are still equally addictive.

Shop Revive's snacks here.

#2 Crusty's BBQ Seafood & Chicken Rice Potato Chips

Crusty's Singapore BBQ Seafood & Chicken Rice Potato ChipsPhoto from Crusty's Singapore


Crusty's has transformed two beloved local dishes into potato chip form!

The Singapore BBQ Seafood Potato Chips is an addictive snack that tastes just like a spicy sambal seafood platter but as ridged chips. If you prefer something non-spicy, try the Singapore Chicken Rice Potato Chip which has the familiar flavours of poached chicken and fresh ginger.

#3 ZENKO Superfoods Popped Sorghum

ZENKO Superfoods Popped Sorghum in Salted CaramelPhoto from ZENKO Superfoods

Another guilt-free snack option is popped sorghum - popcorn-like clusters made of popped sorghum seeds.

Popped Jowar, better known as sorghum, is a healthy grain and ZENKO Superfoods' rendition is a crunchy snack in different delicious flavours. They've just launched two new ones - Apple Cinnamon and Salted Caramel - in addition to their other flavours: Golden Honey and Dark Chocolate.

#4 Anthony's Popcorn

Anthony's Popcorn Chocolate & AlmondPhoto from MoguShop

Hailing from Saitama Prefecture in Japan, Anthony's Popcorn ($3.60) is made using same honey-making technology used for traditional karintō sugar snacks.

Using quality raw ingredients with no chemicals and added preservatives, they use a non-oil "air pop" manufacturing method to pop the kernels and simmer them in a copper pan of stewed honey to make the caramel. The result is crispy popcorn evenly coated in delicious flavours like Caramel & Almond and Chocolate & Almond.

It's now available in Singapore via MoguShop, an online grocery store that focuses on bringing high quality and well-priced Japanese-focused products to our shores.

#5 Age Kiriboshi Daikon Karikari Snack

Age Kiriboshi Daikon Karikari Snack Curry FlavourPhoto from MoguShop

Another MoguShop import, this dried snack is made from shredded dried Daikon aka white radish.

Packed with nutrients and dietary fibre and with no chemicals or added preservatives, this gluten-free snack is made entirely using Miyazaki prefecture's dried Daikon, rice flour and oil. They come in three flavours, spicy, curry and seaweed, and can be eaten on its own or as a topping for rice and other dishes.