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Starbucks Singapore’s New Spring-Themed Menu: Pretty Pink Desserts, “Strawberry Dreams” Drinks & More

Starbucks Singapore’s New Spring-Themed Menu: Pretty Pink Desserts, “Strawberry Dreams” Drinks & More

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By Rachel Yohannan on 22 Mar 2022
Senior Digital Editor

We probably speak for many ladies when we say this: As each year passes, the Starbucks launches that many of us most look forward to each time are the Spring ones, for they often include motifs like cherry blossoms and lots of pink. While there haven’t been any sakura-themed menu items this year, there is a new Strawberry Dreams series of drinks, as well as cute pink desserts like cheesecake and cake popsicles. New merch awaits too!


P.S.: Don’t miss out on the 32 Cherry Blossom items from Starbucks Singapore’s latest 2022 collection, including pastels, gold details, and petal motifs!

Read on to find out more about Starbucks Singapore’s Spring 2022 menu!

Strawberry Dreams at Starbucks Singapore

Starbucks Singapore Strawberry Dreams 2022 drinksPhoto from Starbucks

Starbucks Singapore’s Strawberry Dreams drinks all come infused with - you guessed it - strawberry flavours. The Strawberry Dream Crème Frappuccino ($8.20)  is a milky ice-blended drink with strawberry and vanilla, with pink-white ombre swirls and colourful candy sprinkles on top.

Those who love all things matcha will enjoy the Strawberry Dream Pure Matcha

Latte ($7.80), which tastes just as good hot as it does iced. This, too, is a milky concoction of strawberry foam and strawberry syrup, with matcha balancing out all the sweet flavours.


Spring-themed desserts

Starbucks Singapore Spring 2022 cakesPhoto from Starbucks

Pair the beverages with one of the pretty pink Spring cakes, all priced at $7.20 each! Look closely and you’ll realise that one of them has sticks in them - that’s the Lychee Rose Cake Popsicle, sprinkled with flower petals as toppings. Matcha fiends can go for the Green Tea Raspberry Cake while those seeking a healthier option can go for the Blueberry Yogurt Cheesecake, which is less sweet than the others.

Starbucks Singapore Spring 2022 Lychee Rose Cake PopsiclePhoto from Starbucks

Colour-changing tumblers

Starbucks Singapore 2022 colour-changing tumblersPhoto from Starbucks

If you think these colour-changing cups are reminiscent of the aforementioned Strawberry Dreams Pure Matcha Latte, you’re spot on, ‘cause that’s what they’ve been inspired by. There’s a 16oz Hot Cup that starts as green and turns pink when hot liquid is poured in, and a 24oz Cold Cup with straw that transforms from pink to green with cold drinks. They’re priced at $6.90 and $8.90 respectively with any in-store purchase.

The desserts are already available at Starbucks outlets while the drinks and cups will be available from 23 March 2022 onwards, for a limited period of time only.

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