New Pastel BRUNO Air Fryers In Singapore Come In 5 Pretty Shades Including Pink, Greige, & Pale Blue

New Pastel BRUNO Air Fryers In Singapore Come In 5 Pretty Shades Including Pink, Greige, & Pale Blue

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By Rachel on 12 Jan 2022
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No matter how compact an air fryer is designed to be, it’s still going to take up a significant portion of space on your kitchen counter, as these appliances need to be of a certain size in order to accommodate a decent capacity of food. So whether you’re going to be using it daily or otherwise, it’s still going to be something you’ll be looking at every single day - which means an aesthetically-pleasing one is a good investment.

These brand new BRUNO Air Fryers in pretty pastel shades have just launched in Singapore, and will definitely fit the bill!

P.S.: You’ll also like the limited edition Lavender BRUNO appliances including a sandwich maker, water dispenser, and hot soup blender.

Read on to find out more about the pastel BRUNO Air Fryers in Singapore!

Pink BRUNO Air Fryer SingaporePhoto from BRUNO

One thing we especially love about the new BRUNO Air Fryer is its sleekness, sans any unsightly knobs compromising the design. Instead, there’s a series of touch buttons in a neat row on the top of the device which allow you to adjust the temperature and timer with ease, and everything is clearly displayed on an electronic screen. This smooth surface makes for easy cleaning, compared to 3D dials that can trap dirt in their grooves and are overall trickier to clean.

BRUNO Air Fryer SingaporePhoto from BRUNO

The timer can go up to 60 minutes, in 1-minute increments for the most precise cooking, while the temperature can be set between 80-200°C with 5° increments.

Pink BRUNO Air Fryer SingaporePhoto from BRUNO

Speaking of cleaning, the cooking pan and its detachable oil filter tray are also easily washed. You'll have a much easier time with this solid pan instead of a thin wire basket that some other air fryers come with, as the latter often gets stuck with hard-to-scrub food residue.

Ivory BRUNO Air Fryer SingaporePhoto from BRUNO


At 2.6L, the capacity of the BRUNO Air Fryer is slightly smaller than average, which makes it perfect for small families who don’t want to clutter up their kitchen. A special “Surround” Convention Heating technology is used for an even distribution of heat.

Pale Blue BRUNO Air Fryer SingaporePhoto from BRUNO

Fickle-minded home chefs will love how it’s perfectly okay to pull out the frying basket in the middle of a cookout to add or remove ingredients. The heat will automatically stop with the basket detached, and will resume once again when it’s placed back, so go on and sprinkle additional herbs and garnishing along the way if you wish!

BRUNO Air Fryer SingaporePhoto from BRUNO

There are 5 pretty colours to pick from. If your partner protests against Pink, there are always more neutral options like Ivory, Greige, and Blue Grey to compromise on. We also love the Pale Blue shade, which has more of a purple hue despite its name. 

There’s just one caveat to take note of: Each of the 5 shades are sold at different places in Singapore so you’ll have to make sure to visit the right one to get your favourite. Prices are the same across all stores, with each BRUNO Airy Fryer costing $168.

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