Starbucks Singapore’s Mid-Autumn 2021 Merch Features Cute Bunny Motifs & Ethereal Constellation Patterns

Starbucks Singapore’s Mid-Autumn 2021 Merch Features Cute Bunny Motifs & Ethereal Constellation Patterns

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By Rachel on 01 Sep 2021
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Our previous article on Starbucks China’s Mid-Autumn merchandise (with an ongoing pre-order in Singapore!) featured woodland creatures and warm tones of orange and brown, but Starbucks Singapore’s version sings a different tune on the opposite end of the colour palette. In gradients of blue and iridescent finishes, the Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 collection focuses solely on one animal - the moon bunny - with ethereal starry patterns.

Just launched yesterday, the constellation-laden collection is available across Starbucks outlets in Singapore as well as online, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of leaving your house and queueing up for ages just to get your hands on your favourite pieces.

Read on to find out where to get Starbucks Singapore’s Mid-Autumn 2021 merchandise!

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021Photo from Starbucks

The bunny-shaped cup on the extreme left is currently not available online, but the Floppy Bunny Mug ($28.90) on the extreme right is an adorable alternative with its 3D rabbit embellishments.

Keep your cold beverages at an optimum temperature with the Stargazing Bunny Cold Cup ($29.90) pictured in the centre, which comes with its own straw, featuring a bunny gazing up at bunny constellations in the night sky.

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 water bottlePhoto from Starbucks

Minimalistic but eye-pleasing, this Stargazing Bunny Water Bottle ($27.90) packs on the cute factor without looking childish. The neutral tones of the rabbit and full moon paired with the midnight blue cap are a great colour combination! 

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021Photo from Starbucks

The only item from this photo available online is the Starry Night Mug ($29.90) on the extreme left, but it’s a beauty nonetheless. Its geometric silhouette coupled with the blue gradient that fades to white sure makes it a unique piece.

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 glass cupPhoto from Starbucks

Some drinks, such as juices and plain water, look all the more refreshing when poured into clear drinkware. Stay hydrated with the Gradient Blue Glass Jar ($37.90), an understated piece that features the brand’s siren logo.

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 glass saucer setPhoto from Starbucks

But if you’re here for moon bunny motifs, then the Starry Night Glass with Saucer Set ($45.90) will be up your alley. The geometric glass reminiscent of a jewel has an iridescent finish, while the saucer with 3D bunny figurine is peppered with prints of stars and more bunnies. This is an online-exclusive, so you won’t be able to find it in stores!

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021Photo from Starbucks


Bunny in the Moon Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($36.90) on the extreme left is a good pick for storing a large quantity of either hot or cold water, while the plastic Bunny Constellation Water Bottle ($24.90) is slightly more compact, with a yellow wrist strap for easy portability.

The tumbler pictured in the middle is currently not listed online.

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 bunny pouchPhoto from Starbucks

Who would be able to resist this fluffy Floppy Bunny Pouch ($27.90)? Not us, that’s for sure. The medallion keychain with bunny and star patterns and gold hardware help dress up this otherwise plain white plush pouch. Use it to store knick-knacks like earphones and loose change!

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 reach the sky mugPhoto from Starbucks

Remind yourself to aim high in life with this Reach the Sky Mug ($30.90) - a cute addition to any work desk. We’re loving the 3D rabbit perched along the rim of the mug!

Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 tumblerPhoto from Starbucks

Everyone needs a trusty water bottle or tumbler flask in their lives, and these tall drinkware items are as pretty as they are functional. All are made from stainless steel, which makes them suitable for storing both hot and iced drinks.

Check out the full Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 collection online via Starbucks’ official Shopee Mall and LazMall stores. If a particular item is sold out on one platform, check the other! You can also try visiting the physical outlets across the island if you’re not having any luck online. Warning, they're selling fast as we speak!

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